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#100days100blocks2018 Quilt Reveal

I have loved the journey of the #100days100blocks events run by Angie at Gnomeangel.

I have made 3 very different quilts over the 3 years that we have used the City Sampler book by Tula Pink

2016 Totally scrappy

My first quilt was totally scrappy with a red fabric used for setting. I wanted to have a totally different setting to any in the book and I also wanted to challenge myself with not ‘planning’ the block layout, in keeping with the scrappy feel. This quilt was given to a lovely friend who helped me choose the fabric for each block. We all know that can be the longest part of making the block.

2017 Reduced colour palette

The second quilt I made was a homage to the anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. I made a green quilt, yes it was all shades of green and set with a large, very bright, yellow strip which I quilted in a brick style, see where I was going with this quilt? The blocks are set in groups of 4 and the quilt is titled The Emerald City. It’s a visual of city blocks from above with the yellow brick road.

2018 Gradient colour, fabric placement

This years quilt was made for a special member of my family and some of you may have noticed I photographed each block with a poppy flower. I used a small amount of red amongst many shades of blue. The pieces of red were inserted strategically to form a subtle heart in the centre of the quilt. Hence the name Love Within quilt.

This quilt is going to a service veteran and someone my kids call ‘Poppy’.


I am looking forward to a new pattern and the start of this years’ event. I am thinking of a variation for this one but will have to wait for the pattern.

For all the details of the #100days100blocks2019 event head over to Gnomeangel.

New block patterns, new block sizes, new challenge. (picture from www.gnomeangel.com)

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