Angie’s Quilt Wins 1st in 2013 Canberra Quilters Exhibition

I was so pleased for Angie Wilson whose quilt ‘The Feather Beast – Slayed” won 1st in the Commercially Quilted Category in the recent 2013 Canberra Quilter’s Exhibition. The quilt also won an additional award ‘Best Use of Colour’. Angie made her quilt using the Anna Maria Horner pattern found on the internet.  Angie has not been quilting long and did a great job piecing the feathers with so many bright fabric choices and then adding 4 feathers in black and white and facing downwards. The background was plain and so created a great  area of negative space to fill with quilting.Feather Beast Slayed

Angie’s Quilt Feather Beast Slayed

Angie and I chatted about quilting designs and with some drawing and also some photos from the internet, the quilting design became clearer.  The diagonal wavy lines and swirls between them are to create movement and texture. Though its harder to see the quilting is actually done in 3 colours across the quilt, the lightest in the top left section, medium in the middle diagonal section and then the darker colour at the bottom right section.

Angie has also chatted about her quilt in her blog http://gnomeangel.com/

Great work Angie, I’ll be looking forward to your next project.



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