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Batting Busting Week

You’ve made some quilts, tidied the sewing area, and yet you just can’t throw away something bigger than a 2inch square. You never know when that might be useful right?

And the batting offcuts, aargh, you paid good money for this and just can’t bear to throw it out.

Well this week there are ideas abounding from a variety of designers for all those batting leftovers. Let’s not call them scraps, let’s call them bonus pieces.

So I have collated a few of our patterns for you that use small pieces of wadding, easily obtainable from those bonus pieces. A couple of these pattern are free and a couple are able to be purchased.

Fabric Baskets

These fabric baskets are quick to make and take a couple of rectangles of batting. Along with some gorgeous fabric, you will quickly have a place to store little things, or a gift for a friend. Click HERE to go to the pattern, this one is free

Log Cabin Mug Rugs

Small rectangles make big impact with cute mug rugs. Ours are made with a festive feel, but use any colours, and perhaps even your scrap basket might be reduced a little too. Pattern is available HERE.

Easy Book Cover

So many things are now digital but for those who still prefer using a notebook and appreciate the possibility of having this notebook covered in their favourite colour or fabric, this is ideal. A small amount of fabric and bonus batting is all you need. The best part is you can replace the notebook when it’s fully used, and the cover lives on. Click HERE for this free pattern.

Name Tags

These little cuties were designed to go with the Reusable Gift Bag, and be reused each year, though you could easily make them to give away as well. A very small piece of whatever bonus batting you have, but the lightweight stuff is ideal for these. Find the pattern for these HERE.

Want to see more?

All this week there have been designers sharing their projects that use bonus batting. You can find them all in this list.

Patterns By Jen: https://patternsbyjen.blogspot.com/
Dragonfly’s Quilt Design Studio: https://www.dragonflysquiltshop.com/
Dizzy Quilter: https://dizzyquilter.com/
Sew Joy Creations: https://www.sewjoycreations.com/
Bea Quilter: https://www.beaquilter.com/

Wrap up with Jen: At the end of the week Jen will have them all here also.

Have a wonderful time being creative with all your bonus batting and using these ideas.

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  1. What cute ideas! The fabrics used to make the baskets are so cute! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oops. Looking for something? Seacrh Here Check on the right.

  3. Thank you for your ideas. I usually sew pieces together and then use. I also use small pieces when I make postcards.

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