Daily Sponsor – #100days100blocks2018

Quilting is one of the last steps to complete a quilting project, right?

Daily Sponsor – #100days100blocks2018 offer.

As Block 51 Daily Sponsor in this years’ #100days100blocks event I wanted to share with you all what am offering you.A saving off your quilting cost. 20% off the quilting component of having your #100days100blocks quilt quilted by me using a pantograph.   Want to know the details?

The Offer;

20% off the quilting cost.  Note this is not the cost of thread or wadding or postage. This is off the quilting cost only. This offer is for those participating in the #100days100blocks2018 event and is applicable for those quilts only.

Book in during this year’s #100days100blocks event to be eligible.

The offer is only for pantograph quilting, also known as edge to edge or allover. This offer is not for custom quilting work.  I have about 70 pantograph designs to choose from, many are imminently suitable for the city sampler quilts

If your #100days100blocks quilt measures 80 x 80 inches then your quilting cost for pantograph quilting is $185.00.  20% off this is $37.00.  $185.00 – $37.00 = $148.00.

Thread and wadding is an extra cost. You can certainly mail your chosen wadding to me as well. I have many threads and will have a colour to suit your quilt or will order one in.

Who is this offer for?

This offer is for Australian #100days100blocks quilts only.  Sorry, international postage is prohibitive, though if you really really want me to quilt your #100days quilt then let’s chat.

The How?

I work using a booking schedule. You will need to book your quilt in with me, subject to my schedule availability.  At time of writing I have 3 spots left in 2018 and I start quilting again in February 2019.  Sorry everyone, January is mine to quilt my own things.

You can use whichever means of communication you prefer, email, text, phone call, messenger on FB, DM on Instagram… to book in your quilt.

Once you have booked your quilt in we will communicate and determine the best pantograph design for your particular quilt. They are all so different and unique.

You then need to post your quilt top to me with the backing and or wadding (or you can purchase that through me), then when it’s quilted I will send it back to you registered, you’ll need to sign for it your end.

I will message you when your quilt top arrives to me and also when it is on it’s way home.

You will receive an invoice and this will need to be paid prior to sending your quilt home to you. Bank transfer is always a great option.

What if I’m not ready?

If your quilt top is not completed by the time your quilting booking comes around, then I will push the booking back and work on someone else’s quilt.

You don’t lose the booking, we just swap things around and someone else gets their quilt done a bit earlier.  Win win.


I assign a quilt to a day and then I send it home to you. You can send your quilt to me anytime before your quilt booking. Keep in mind that my schedule is almost full for 2018 so really, we are looking at February 2019 onwards for bookings. However you do need to be booked in during this year’s event to be eligible

This gives you time to complete your quilt top after the #100days100blocks2018 event.  Or you can also join in my Finish Along 2018 event and challenge yourself to complete the quilt top this year.

If there is something here that does not make sense please let me know.

Happy creating.


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