My favourite Christmas song

There’s one song that’s garanteed to give me goosebumps and make my eyes get misty. It’s played at this time of year and I love it. It’s my favourite Christmas song.

Do you have a song that affects you strongly? Share with me in the comments.

This song makes me think about the situation of Mary and Joseph, how daunting it would be to give birth in what was essentially a barn and all that goes with giving birth, without the modern conveniences.

I wonder how Mary was feeling, about the birth and all that went before, it would have been scary but amazing to be part of the plan for God’s people.

The Little Drummer Boy by For King and Country

I also think about that little boy and how he might have felt being told there was a new king to see. How he had nothing to give, but his drumming.

Now I know this song is not factually correct. There was unlikely a little drummer around, and I totally get that a new mother might just want some sleep for her and baby. I can’t deny the appeal of this story as a reflection of our relationship to Jesus. We have nothing to offer Him but ourselves, and He is the perfect gift to us.

The song also has a great beat to it and is not too high to sing, so it wins on those counts also. I hope you like my favourite Christmas song too.

Merry Christmas


Christmas for the craft minded? here’s our christmas category. I hope you are inspired by something there.

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