Finish Along 2018

If you are anything like me you have a few (cough cough – many!) projects that need some of your attention to get them to a completed state.  Welcome to the Finish Along 2018 

In 2018 I am going to be running a series of Finish Alongs in an effort to focus on some of my own half or partially made projects and get them finished and able to be enjoyed.

If you are a person who like me works better to a deadline, then we have good news. We’re going to have some crowd accountability and publicly declared intentions to help us work on our projects and get them done.

So a few things to share about the Finish Along for 2018

What projects can I do?

You can make your declaration about any project or projects to complete in each round. Whatever craft you are enjoying and have an unfinished project of, you can nominate this project for the Finish Along.

Assess your coming schedule and see what is reasonably possible for you to complete in each Round.  Ideally whatever you declare that you are going to complete  – is what you complete. I would not declare 10 projects unless you are confident you have the time to work on them all and complete them.

So that we’re really clear, you can do any project you have, quilting, cross-stitch, applique, garment making, embroidery, whatever you have that is not yet done, let’s put it on the list.  You can always save others for the next Round.  I don’t want this to be overwhelming or stressful, but a help and encouragement to complete some long standing or recent projects.

How will the Finish Along work?

Solid contribution by you and sharing on social media for accountability. There will be dates to share a picture of your of declaration of intent, progress pictures and the finished project. You’ll need to use the hashtag for the finish along so we can find your pictures on Instagram, and the Finish Along will be hosted in The Sunflower Garden, my Facebook community group. I would love for you to join me in The Garden and work on your unfinished projects with me in 2018.

What do you need to do?

At the beginning of the Round we will post a declaration of intent for the project/s we intend to finish in the Round. We will post a picture of our project or list of projects.  These can be posted on your Instagram account or in the thread in The Sunflower Garden group. Please use the hashtags #ssqfinishalong2018  #ssqfinishalong2018round1 (#ssqfinishalong2018round2 #ssqfinishalong2018round3 #ssqfinishalong2018round4) according to the dates.Then you are asked to post 2 progress pictures of your projects under construction. There will be reminders for this each week.  If you have declared more than one project for a Round then you are asked to post 2 pictures of each project as you work on them.  Remember to use the hashtags #ssqfinishalong2018  #ssqfinishalong2018round1 (#ssqfinishalong2018round2 #ssqfinishalong2018round3 #ssqfinishalong2018round4) .

Towards the end of each Round we will ask for a picture of the completed project/s.  Again using the hashtags means we can find the picture easier. #ssqfinishalong2018  #ssqfinishalong2018round1 (#ssqfinishalong2018round2 #ssqfinishalong2018round3 #ssqfinishalong2018round4)

So in total there is up to 4 pictures per project; Declaration picture, 2 progress pictures, one completed project picture.  If you are intending to complete more than one project then your Declaration post can contain all projects for that Round. In this case there may actually only be 3 pictures of each of your individual projects.

Who will keep me going?

You will; as you have made a public declaration that you intend to complete ‘X’ project’s in each Round.  In short we will be a source of encouragement and cheer you along as you work on your project/s. It’s well known that when we commit publicly to completing an action that we are more likely to actually complete that action.

Will there be prizes?

The short answer is maybe.  Whilst I know it’s lovely to win a prize the real award here is that your project is completed and able to be used or gifted.   There may be some wonderful businesses who are able to support the Finish Along by contributing a prize but the main incentive is that you are able to join in the fantastic community and get the cheer squad on your side. Should I be able to procure some prizes then they will be awarded by the end of the last month in the Round.   If you are a craft business and would like to support this Finish Along please contact me on .

What are the dates you need to know?

There will be 4 ‘Rounds’ in 2018.  Each Round will be for 3 months.

Round 1 January, February and March.

1-6th January- post declaration, 7th Jan – 20th March- post progress pictures, 21-27th March- post finished project picture.

Round 2 April, May and June.

1-7th April- post declaration, 8th April – 19th June- post progress pictures, 20-26th June- post finished project pictures.

Round 3 July, August and September.

1-6th July- post declaration, 7th July – 18th September- post progress pictures, 19-25th September- post finished project pictures.

Round 4 October, November and December.

1-5th October- post declaration, 6th October – 18th December- post progress pictures, 19-25th December- post finished project pictures.

What do I do now?

Start thinking of which project/s you want to finish and consider their priority for completion.  Would you like to be able to use that quilt as a gift in June, then maybe it should be in Round 1, need that embroidery for Spring next year, add that for Round 2.

Join me in The Sunflower Garden group and follow me on Instagram.  I’ll be sharing in both these social media places.

Consider what you might need to be able to complete the projects, have you got the fabric, thread, tools you need to finish the item?  Gather your supplies. Go on, you’ll thank me later.

Consider your coming schedule for Round 1.  Be realistic with what you can achieve. Much better to err on the side of declaring less and being more likely to achieve 100% completion.

So, Will you join me?  Let’s get some finishing happening!





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