Friendship Challenge

Quilt by Raylee

These 2 quilts have 3 things in common!  Go on, I hear you say.  Well these 2 quilts are what a Kim and I came up with in response to some simple parameters for our friendship challenge. 

Quilt by Kim

At the Inaugural Australian Machine Quilting Festival in 2010, the speaker for the Gala Dinner was Kimmy Brunner from America.

Kimmy described how herself and a friend had challenged each other to make a quilt using specific colours, lime green and pink, I believe.

Well Kim and I discussed and decided on our challenge requirements whilst waiting for our flight home.

Red, Black, one other colour and at least one circle.

As you can see both quilts fill these requirements, but oh so differently!

It was great to see these quilt hang near each other at the Australian Machine Quilting Association Quilt Show, held in conjunction with AMQ Festival 2012.

 I received a text from Kim on her way home from Festival, time to think about our next challenge.  Will let you know.

Happy Quilting


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