Happy Birthday to Me!!

I know I said next post would have pictures of quilts but I have an amazing friend who rose to the challenge and made me the birthday cake I have always wanted.  I am late posting about this as my birthday was late last month but its been quite busy around here.

As you may have noticed I have 4 sons and so I make 4 special cakes each year, mostly from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book. This cook book is well known in Australia with many ideas and instructions for making wonderful birthday cakes.  

I share my birthday with my 2nd son, he was born on my 28th birthday and so ‘our’ birthday is often spent with me preparing his cake.
This year the lovely Rebecca made my dream cake, I can only imagine the time it took and what she perhaps should have been doing.

The scales are made by rolling flat small coloured marshmallows I was presented with my cake at our monthly craft night so could share with the ladies there and the rest my family helped me to eat.
Thank you Rebecca !!!

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