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Where’s Hazel? Hazel QAL

Hazel bag 25 RSLast year a friend let me know of a good deal on some patterns by Elizabeth Hartman and I couldn’t resist, I bought about 5 of them.  Hazel Hedgehog is one of those patterns.  I had seen a few Fancy Foxes appearing on the internet but I really liked Hazel.

This year that same friend talked about a Hazel Quilt A Long.  I wanted in.  I’m very pleased Angie let me join in her Hazel QAL and here are my makings involving Hazel Hedgehog.

Just in case you are new to my blog I am a long arm quilter but I wanted to switch it up a little and make something other than a Hazel Hedgehog quilt.  I did use my quilting machine as you’ll see but I made this.Hazel 36 RS cropped

I was inspired by Angie’s weekender bag and this pattern is the Cargo Duffle bag by Noodlehead for Robert Kaufman.  I plan to use this when I travel, definitely individual isn’t it!?  I did not add the pockets as I wanted to use the space for Hazel and friends.  So that’s why my bag looks a little different.

Here’s my process in pictures.Hazel 24 RSFabric selection.  Blue is a favourite and then I added some red.  Red is a great colour.

I can’t believe I have no pictures of the Hazel construction but the pattern was written so well and it was easily followed.  I had fun piecing my Hazels.

Now I did alter the Cargo Duffle pattern a little to allow for the size of Hazel.  I didn’t want to cut her feet off.  So the bottom contrast on my bag is smaller than the pattern.  I also chose a darker colour for the base of the bag so dirty marks wouldn’t show so much.

So the pieces are together and now I need to quilt the side panels and the base.  Onto the quilting machine we go.  I left the lining fabric in one piece to load onto the frame and then used 2 layers of wadding for each of the 2 side panels and the base piece.  I used 2 layers to give it some body and durability.  The quilting machine coped great.  My domestic machine might have struggled a little.

Hazel 2 RSHazel 4 RSI did simple straight horizontal lines which gave stripey Hazel and interesting look. Her spines got a new ‘do’Hazel 20 RSSo the making of the Cargo Duffle was easy, though I did learn a few things along the way.

Hazel 5 RSI really like the way Anna does her handles for the Cargo Duffle bag.  Easy and they look great with the contrasting fabric.

Hazel 6 RSI used an extra long zip and just stitched over the teeth, only possible if you use a plastic zip like I did. Not a good plan if you use a metal zip.  The zipper portion I quilted on my domestic machine using my walking foot.

Hazel 7 RSSo far one side has been sewn to the zipper gusset.

Hazel 9 RSI snipped the gusset strip to help me sew around the corners of the side panels.

Hazel 10 RSThis really helped as I could maneuver the pieces and sew the side seam much easier.

Hazel 12 RSSo here’s the inside, not yet neatened.

Hazel 17 RSHazel 19 RSI learned that I  should have positioned the zipper closer to the edge of the zipper pieces but I’m chalking this up to experience.

So, my Cargo Duffle bag is made and I’m really pleased with it.  But I had quite a few pieces left over, I got a little cutting happy.  So I made another Hazel, and here she is…

Hazel 30 RSThis Hazel will hold my toiletries, but she matches by bigger bag perfectly.

Now I know you don’t mind seeing a few pictures but I thought a few pictures of Hazel that are not on my green cutting mat would be a good thing.

Here’s hazel in the wild.

Hazel 34 RSAnd if you were watching you might have seen a shy Hazel lurking earlier, let’s bring her out.

Hazel 35 RSI am looking forward to our family holiday soon so I can use my Hazel Cargo Duffle.

Thanks Angie for organising the QAL and Elizabeth for your great patterns.

How are your Hazel projects coming along, please share using the hashtag #HazelQAL.

Have fun



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  1. I love the effect on the hedgehog spines by the straight line quilting. Very cool. great idea to use Hazel for a bag!

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