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A while ago in the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Facebook group it was noticed that a number of people were wondering how they could use their templates that they had purchased for other purposes.  Angie has collected a few of the bloggers and we have each designed a mini quilt to show you what’s possible with these awesome templates from Marti Michell. I had a great time designing a mini that utilized the patchwork templates from Marti Michell.  They have been great to use whilst making my blocks for the Farmers Wife 1930’s sew along.  Now I could have a go at using them without previous instructions and make my own design.  It was really quick and easy and before long I had my design for my Butterfly Mini drawn up and the templates chosen.

My mini is a bit late according to the schedule and I do apologize.  Family comes first and also a really really tight quilting deadline.  Thank you to those who have been patiently waiting.

So without further delay here is my Butterfly Mini quilt.12-completed-quilt-top You will need 
  • Small amounts of fabric and possibly a fat quarter for the background and the binding. I used some sample sized pieces and had left overs. I did need to join the final border pieces and the binding strips.
  • Marti Michell Template Set B – templates B9, B12, B13 and B14
  • Finished size 22” x 20”
Cut the Pieces
  • – 5 B12 squares
  • – 4 B14 triangles
Upper Wings
  • 16 B12 squares
  • 12 B13 triangles
  • 2 B14 triangles
Lower Wings
  • 12 B12 squares
  • 6 B13 triangles
  • 2 B14 triangles
Wing Detail
  • 20 B14 triangles Contrast fabric 1
  • 20 B14 triangles Contrast fabric 2
  • 2 – 22½ x 2½ inch strips (piece if necessary)
  • 2 – 16½ x 2½ inch strips (piece if necessary)
  • 2 – 8½ x 2½ inch rectangles
  • 2 B9 triangles
  • 10 B13 triangles
  • 4 B14 triangles

Binding strips at 2½ inches wide or your preferred method.  Below is my graph of the design, it was quick to do once I had the pieces cut, and they weren’t difficult either.


To Make
  1. Make the Wing detail blocks by pairing the B14 triangles and sewing a short side, finger press the seam to one side and sew 2 pairs together along the longest edge. You will have 10 squares measuring 2½ inches.1-wing-detail-pieces1-1-wing-detail-halves-and-squares
  2. Make the body shaping block using 2 Body B14 triangles and 2 Upper Wing B14 triangles.2-body-shaping-pieces
  3. Make the head and tail shaping blocks using 1 Body B14 triangle, 1 background B14 triangle and 1 Background B13 triangle. Make 2 in total.3-body-shaping-bottom-with-background 3-body-shaping-top-with-background
  4. Make the Upper and Lower wing crossover pieces using 1 lower wing B14 triangle, 1 background B14 triangle and 1 upper wing B13 triangle.  Make 2 as opposites.4-upper-and-lower-wing-crossover-piece-l 4-upper-and-lower-wing-crossover-piece-r
  5. Make the lower wing shaping blocks using pairs of B13 triangles. Take care if your background or wing fabric is directional. Make 2 in total.5-lower-wing-shaping-piece
  6. Make the upper wing shaping blocks using pairs of B13 triangles. Take care if your background or wing fabric is directional.  Make 4 in total.6-upper-wing-shaping-piece
  7. Lay out the butterfly pieces, they should all be 2½ inch squares now making this easier. Make the top section of the upper wing in 2 rows and press seams well.  Add the B9 background triangles.  Make 2 of these sections in total, in reverse to each other.7-upper-wing-section-rows-and-b9-triangle
  8. Layout and make the next 2 rows of the upper wings.8-bottom-half-of-upper-wing
  9. Make the last row of the upper wing and the 3 rows of the lower wings.  Press then add the background section to the side.  Make 2 in reverse.9-lower-wing-sections-with-background-pieces
  10. Make the body pieces together. I did not press these seams until piecing to the wings so I could nest seams more easily.10-body-pieces
  11. Sew the wing sections together and press. Then sew the body and wing sections together down the vertical seam.11-wing-sections-and-body
  12. Add the 16½ inch strips to the sides and then the 22½ inch strips to the top and bottom of the mini quilt.12-completed-quilt-top 13-butterfly-mini-graph
  13. Sandwich and quilt.  Finish with binding.

There have been other bloggers who have also designed quilts for you to try out and use your templates for, see them at there blogs.

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Want to know more?  Why would you make a quilt from these designs?  Check out Angie’s post about prizes here.

have fun and don’t forget to share your pictures in the group or as a message.  I’d love to see them.

Happy Sewing!


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