Quilting Schedule Update

Preferring to keep you all as in the loop as much as possible I will be posting a quilting schedule update each time my bookings tick over into the next month.

How I work my schedule?

Remember it’s my policy to take your booking even if your quilt is not finished yet.  Your chosen fabric might still be in the fabric shop and the actual pattern not chosen yet but if you plan to gift a quilt and have a deadline, then please talk to me and book in the quilt.

It’s often too late by the time you complete the quilt and my schedule is booked months ahead.Planning is important.

I would rather check in with you about the progress of the quilt and push back the quilting date by swapping with someone else.  The bonus is you still have a quilting space booked and someone else gets theirs done earlier – win win!

Call me to discuss quilting on 0416 462 615.


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