Quilting Schedule Update

Want me to quilt for you?

My aim to to keep you informed of my quilting schedule so you know when you might need to contact me to book in a quilt.  I have the ethos that I prefer you to book in your quilt even if you have not yet started it. Even if the fabric is still in the fabric shop, if you know you have a deadline for a gift or a show, please call and book in your quilt.


I don’t quilt 24/7 and if the queue ahead of you is really long then I can’t meet your deadline.

Personally I work better with a deadline myself but in saying that if life gets in the way of good quilt making time, then call me and we can push back your quilting booking.  Someone else benefits in that their quilt gets done earlier.   Win win!

Clients are welcome from all over the country so also allow postage time into the mix.  Bookings can be made for anytime this year or next year.

If your local show or guild expo is coming up do we need to talk?



0416 462 615


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