Quilting the jesse tree quilt

One of the best things as a longarm quilter is when a friend sends you a quilt and says, do what you you do best. Free reign on a quilt can be fun, scary as well, but definitely fun.

This was the scenario with Jen’s Jesse Tree Quilt and I have a huge amount of fun adding some details and texture to her awesome blocks.


Many colours were used in the quilting to match the background, and piecing in the blocks.

FPP means you can create some precise shapes and then with the quilting I could add some more. Shaggy fur on the lion, wood grain on the tools and stump, leaves, flames and bricks or stones. I could also add some more details such as extra clouds and a bit of weather to one of the blocks.

There are some elements that are repeated throughout the quilt, such as wavy lines in areas for grass and the stippling in the background of most blocks. There are many times when simple straight lines are added to define the shapes.

want to see it on video?

I filmed a chat about how I quilted Jen’s quilt before it flew home to the USA, you can see that video on YouTube or below.


Jen’s pattern is called the Jesse Tree Quilt and is available here. I may even get some more of my blocks done this year. I’ll let you know.


Jen has written a devotional to go with the quilt. Here’s what Jen has written about her devotional:

“Travel from Creation through Bethlehem, through 25 exquisitely designed quilt blocks centered around biblical themes, as you wait in joyful hope for the birth of our savior! Designed for quilters, this Advent devotional shares our salvation story from the very beginning of time through Christ’s birth. Each of the 25 days in the devotional include a scripture reading, devotion, and reflection space that connect to that day’s theme.”

Have fun making yours.

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