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Re-Usable Gift bag SAL

Are you ready for Christmas?

I’m serious…

One of the things I get frustrated about with Christmas, is all the wrapping paper. Much of the paper can be recycled whilst there are some that can’t. So a while ago we made some ‘green’ changes and now I use these for pretty much all the presents under our tree and I’ve also made a whole heap in other fabrics for birthdays and other special days throughout the year.

To help you along this year I invite you to join us for a Sew Along.


Make them for your home, make them as gifts, or as part of the gift and get other people to use them as well. A small amount of fabric can go a long way really and they last for ages. Just like the paper gift bags, they can re used again and again and again.

See our selection in Christmassy fabric from a few years ago. These ones are Barbara’s and I have made a heap for under my tree to have a bit of a coordinated look. With kids in the house the decorations have never had a coordinated look but I can do my bit under the tree (it helps my inner OCD).

Time Saving

I timed myself wrapping gifts one year, less than 10mins and I was done. You can’t beat that really!

What size are they?

The bags were designed to fit a book or DVD, the former is always a great gift in this house. The smaller one is sized for a CD. Tech changes mean these are not always the gift of choice now, but the sizes are still really useful. I have wrapped shirts, socks and jewellery using these bags.

What about those odd shapes?

I have re-used some bubble wrap to disguise a gift, or you can use newspaper to bulk out the shape of something. If your gifts is small or larger than the pattern don’t stress. Smaller gifts can be wrapped in something else such as a t-shirt or socks.

Larger gifts? Well we have another pattern you might like also. Its the No peeking Christmas gift bag. Years ago my brother and I had a Christmas sack, which was a decorated pillowcase. Inspired, Barbara created this pattern and my kids have had these for larger gifts for many years.

What about other occasions?

These bags are quick and easy and inexpensive. make them in a variety of fabric for birthdays, Father’s day, Easter, Mother’s day and so on.

Could you imagine the effect after a while, lots of these bags being re-used and passed on each time a gift is given, how cool would that be!

When do we SAL?

Starting on the 30th October we will be spending a 4 weeks sewing and sharing as many gifts bags as you need to make. We’re taking it easy as there are lots of things happening this end of the year. We want you to enjoy making these for your family and friends, not get stressed.

Sounds great, what do I need?

If you’d like to join in you can find the pattern here. The instructions are easy and we’ll share some videos to show you as well. 15inches x WOF will yield 2 large and 1 small bag.

If you would like some gorgeous Christmas fabric, we have some of the Festive Christmas range available.

Let’s get making in October and November ready for Christmas.


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