Sewline AIRerasable Fabric Pen


Sewline AIRerasable Fabric Pen

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If you want a fabric marker for instant projects, that gives clear lines that are not furry, do not bleed and can be easily erased, this Sewline pen is for you.

The Sewline ink is a special formula that does not bleed and keeps a sharp edged, fine line. The drafting lines will then just vanish into the air over a few hours/days and will not reappear. Lines can also be erased by simply dabbing off with water. This pen has a fine, ceramic rollerball point.

Best suited for “instant” projects where the markings need only last the day.

The  marking pen has a 0.8mm ballpoint which allows for a fine line and smooth movement across fabric.

The Sewline ink will disappear within 2-10 days from most fabrics.

I have used this pen for many ears and enjoy its ease of use and removal.  I have not had any issues with use of this pen in my work. Be aware that higher humidity will increase the rate at which the markings disappear. You can use a spray of water to erase straight away if you like.

Warning/Disclaimer: Always test ink removal on a fabric sample before marking your project. Some fabric chemicals or sizing can inhibit ink removal.

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