Thimble Crown


Protect your fingers without losing dexterity, use a thimble crown instead of a traditional thimble.

Available to Australian Customers only, due to international postage costs.


I found a traditional thimble to restricting and I lost dexterity for sewing and embroidery. Sewing without a thimble can be quite painful when the end of my fingers splits. Then I found a great solution.

The Thimble Crown adheres to the end of your finger and the sticky pads are reusable many times before you need to replace them.  So the 8 adhesive circles will last you quite a while depending on how much you embroider.

You can place the Thimble Crown in the best place for your embroidery style. I stick it more to one side than in the middle of my finger, it’s just where I seems to push the needle through.

These will fit into a normal envelope for postage.


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Weight 12.00 g


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