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I was waiting for when Cheryl announced her annual Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop, this project is perfect to share with you and I hope you visit again for Part 2.

Filming this was a bit of fun and allowed me to show you the process and speed it up, I really wish it could happen that fast IRL.

Check out my video of the before and after below.

what I did

A lovely friend has moved interstate and I was able to make use of some items that were not going with them…

Hello… new desk and sewing table.

I am not great with keeping paperwork in order and this is a habit I am working on. A neat desk is therefore a challenge so I have a goal to keep this nice a clear of extra ‘stuff’. Anyone else like this?

I cleared the whole corner and vaccuumed, I swear fabrci makes so much dust.

Installed the new desk and sewing table, then rehomed all the bits that are pertinent to the area.

Hint: Keep things area specific, work stuff near the work desk, sewing stuff near the sewing table. Nothing extra on the desktop.

Why did I get so messy?

Paperwork is my nemesis. It’s not always possible to deal with each piece of paper once but I try. I do batch my work when possible to be more efficient otherwise I would get lost in the vortex that is my computer each time.

Putting things away after using them, I do try, honest, but sometimes things just pile up.

Better things to do, like quilting, and family, much more interesting that tidying my desk.

My tidy up tips

I checked my blog post from last year’s Spring Clean, oh I needed to hear those again, check it out here.

Specifically these 3 tips

  • Give yourself a stern talking to and spend 5 mins putting things away each day. Feel free to check in with me on this one.
  • Make some pretty spaces where you can, you’ll enjoy them and keep them neater. I do like a desk that I can see most of and where I can keep my plant.
  • Organize your space, you are less likely to leave things out if they are logical to put away.

Check out the other spaces and see their tips.

Studios I love?

I have a friend in the US who is a much neater person than me and I love the light and airiness of her studio. Check out Jen’s blog for her studio tidy and see what I mean. Here are her posts from 2021 and 2020.

We hope you enjoy seeing our spaces and are able to use our tips and hints. Please let me know in the comments in you have any ideas or have been inspired by the changes we’ve all made. Is it time to get into your studio or sewing space and tidyup?

Happy Creating.

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