My Sewing Studio.

I am extremely thankful for the Sewing Studio that I have to hold my business and crafting supplies. I have room to spread out and work on projects without needing to tidy up each time after a sewing session.

main picture of my sewing studio

Yes I really do know how blessed I am to have this. It was a major factor in buying this home many years ago.

longarm quilting machine

Much of my sewing studio is taken up with a longarm quilting machine. It has a 12ft long frame and I need access to both long sides frequently. I work my machine from the front and the back depending on the type of quilting I am doing.

inside of the sewing studio with a large table

I have a large table to layout quilts and fabric on. It’s a great height for cutting being higher than a regular table, and is a great large surface to layout blocks etc.

I also have my design wall set up at the moment for some future patterns.

Those blue tubs in the left had bookshelf hold all the client quilts that are waiting for quilting, I’m working on getting them all done asap.

sewing room , shelving and cupboards

Rolls of wadding are not an unusual thing to find in a quilters studio, and that cupboard is full of fabric of all sorts, working on getting through that too!

Yes my ironing board is always up and I rarely iron clothes.

See you tomorrow, I’ll be sharing about my …


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