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Starting to Swoon

I have had the Swoon pattern for a number of months now and have quilted a few for my clients.  They are all different and individual.  I realised a few points after quilting them, the choice of fabric can make a big difference to the pattern.  I wanted a more unified look to my version of Swoon so I chose a group of fabric from a range of bolts I have in my studio.  Also the choice of pattern can affect how defined the points are or if they get a little lost in the back ground.Swoon Fabrics 3 RSNow you may be aware I am a little partial to the colour red.  My Swoon will have a red background and there will be some similarities between the blocks with repeating fabric and colours.  These are my fabrics and I think they will combine well.  We’ll see…

I wanted to have all of my block pieces cut out as I planned to take the pieces with me on our holidays at Christmas time.  My friend Sandy would be shocked if I did not bring my machine on holidays at their home.Swoon blocks cut RS Swoon blocks cut 5 RSSo I did get some blocks done and shared them on Instagram and Facebook while I was getting them done.  Things have definitely slowed down now that I am home, perhaps I should go back to Sandy’s for another week.

I accomplished 4 blocks whilst I was there.  I found that I needed to keep reminding myself which fabric was which according to the pattern but I am happy to say I did not have to unpick and seams and I did not stuff up a cut piece.  Hooray!

Block 1- good contrast, I like it.Swoon Block 1 RSBlock 2 – less contrast I think but still happy.Swoon Block 2 RSBlock 3 – ooh I like!Swoon Block 3 (2) RSBlock 4 – not too shabby.Swoon block 4 RSI think the fabrics work well together but I may have lost the defined star points by my use of similar toned fabric.  My swoon is a wreath.  I still like it a lot though, and I will finish it.

I mentioned to a friend and even perhaps on social media that I would get one day a day, yep, hasn’t happened.  You’ll know when I get it done.

Have you swooned yet?

I know Jo has and she now has a blue ribbon to show for it, see my story about her quilt here.


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