Have you dreamed about a box that turns up with beautiful thread in it? Do you find yourself standing in your local quilting shop, you longingly look at all the colours of thread, but when it comes to the crunch you always go for the same ones?

There is nothing worse than being struck with inspiration to sew, only to find that you don’t have thread that will work with the fabric that you’ve chosen. Whilst you could buy more fabric in your usual colour pallette, maybe you have a yearning for something new.

We all use thread when we sew, whether that’s making garments, making quilts, or any other craft that we sew.

But we all know shops can be tempting places. (we can help you scratch that itch here)

Would you find it helpful to have a gorgeous box arrive every second month so you don’t need to go to the shop. you’ve got the fabric, you’ve got the project all you need is the thread.

We’re launching our Just Thread subscription box and the first boxes will be mailed late April. We’re pretty excited and keen to share all the colours with you.

How does it work?

Just Thread box subscription gets you a small selection of threads at regular intervals throughout the year. You will also recieve downloadble designs to be able to practice with your new threads! Keep your pracice peices handy though, we have a secret plan for those later in the year.

Founding memberships will be available to all those who express interest, which will mean a discounted price both now and into the future!

We will be then offering subscription packages that give you the option to be charged monthly, since we know this is sometimes a better option for the family finances.

2 parcels are in each box, one for the current month and one for the next month. We know how tempting it can be, but the ball is now in your court to eagerly wait until the next month for the design releases! It’s kind of like Christmas every month!

You’ll recieve 6 mailings in a year.

What’s in the box?

Threads. Beautiful colours, classic neutrals. They will be suitable for piecing, sewing and quilting. We’ve even planned the colours to work with potential seasonal projects.

You’ll also get access to a small project to make or quilt using your thread. This will be in a downloadable format.

What’s my investment?

Well, we don’t want to give away too much too soon, but if you are a founding member, you are looking at under $250 for a years worth of goodies (shipping included), as well as being on the exclusive mailing list for all the new deals and discounts!

Postage is only within Australia.


If you have further questions, I wrote a FAQ blog post about the Subscription box.

Should you want to jump right in, here’s the link for the Subsciption Box in our store.

We’re very excited and would love you to join in the fun of #threadmail