Seabound Friends Quilt Pattern


Welcome to our Seabound Friends quilt pattern.

We are showcasing some sea animals that friends of ours listed as their favourites.

This quilt finishes at 53inches square.  We hope you enjoy making your own version of this block for your quilt.

This is a downloadable PDF Pattern.


Turtles, seahorses, dolphins, jellyfish, sharks and whales all featured when I asked my friends what their favourite sea animals were.

So these became our inspiration for a block as part of the Seaside Adventure Row Along. Then the quilt evolved  from the central block.

I liked the idea of a wreath or ‘star’ arrangement for the animal shapes and so this is the larger quilt that has sprung from the original block. You can arrange the animals as you choose but they do sit really well in the circular arrangement. I have a version with some differing settings for some of the longer animal shapes.

We hope you enjoy making this quilt and the reminder of some gorgeous seabound friends.


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