Canberra Quilters Raffle Quilt 2013

You know how I said I was going to be better at posting regularly, well it didn’t happen did it.  Partly because I was thinking of anyone who reads my blog.  I read that I should lower the resolution of the photos going on the blog to make it quicker to load the page etc.  Since then I’ve discovered that this blog can handle the pictures and though I will keep them to a smaller image size, you can click on any picture to see it full size with all the lovely detail.

I’ve not been idle as you will see. The main thing I have been working on with a lot of help from my lovely Mum is the 2013 Raffle Quilt for Canberra Quilters.  Thanks Mum, without your help, I’d still be piecing.

yes, it’s hanging from just below my guttering, it’s not a small quilt.  Note the nosy dog, Sam.
Sam is a Tenterfield terrier, fully grown.  You can see the lower part of the quilt, I really like the quilting on the green blocks.
This picture shows the block pattern and the quilting quite well. Green blocks quilted with clear monofilament, creating a lovely texture without the added colour.
Still on the machine at this point, did I mention I liked the quilting on the green?
The repeating lines give a cool effect…
offset by the leaf design on the white blocks, all done freehand in white thread.
The border.
The back, sometimes this is just as good as the front.  I have to say I  really like both on this quilt.        

Well the quilt is now in the hands of the valuer and then will be shown at various shops around Canberra in the lead up the the annual Canberra Quilters Exhibition in August.  Tickets will be on sale soon at many shops in and around Canberra or through Canberra Quilters, I will also have them available.

So having sorted my photo issue, here’s to a better blog year.


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