Project: Done 2024

You are invited to join me for Project: Done. If some focus and a cheer squad helps you, I am happy to provide that.

What is it?

We have hosted the SSQ Finish Along for the past few years and we’ve just given it a little shake up and rejig. It’s now going to be known as Project: Done

It’s a way to have a focus on your unfinished projects and to have a group of friends to cheer you on to complete those projects.

Project: Done is an event where you can publicly declare your intention to complete a certain project or 2 or 3, within a set time frame.

We have broken the year into 4 Rounds. Basically each quarter of the year is a round, where we aim to complete something from our UFO or WIP pile. We all have them and they are begging to be completed, and we all feel so accomplished when we complete a project.

Why Project: Done?

I felt like it was time to rename the event and I do often refer to the stuff we work on as projects, and our goal is to get them done… so we are hereby renaming the Finish Along to Project: Done. I imagine everyone saying in their mind when they complete the project, “Project: Done!”

SO what is project: done

Project: Done is an event where you can publicly declare your intention to complete or make progress on a certain project or 2.

We trialled doing Project: Done by the month but I think working on projects in 4 rounds of 3 months each flows better. Let me know if you agree or not in the comments.

Basically each round (3 mths) we aim to complete or make progress on something from our UFO or WIP pile. We all have them and they are begging to be completed, and we all feel so accomplished when we complete a project.

What kind of projects are included?

You can make any project you like. Whatever craft you are enjoying and have an unfinished project of, you can nominate this project for Project: Done.

To be really clear, you can do any project you have, quilting, cross-stitch, applique, garment making, embroidery, whatever you have that is not yet complete, let’s put it on the list.  You can always save others for another round, or plan ahead.  Our goal for Project: Done is not to be overwhelming or stressful, but a help and encouragement to set aside time to complete some long standing (or recent) projects.

How Does Project: done actually work?

Some solid folus and work by you and sharing with our social media crafty family for accountability and encouragement. Join us at The Sunflower Garden on FB for more community.

We also encourage you to share the pictures of what you are working on so we can all see you progress and cheer you on. If you include the #ssqProjectDone or #ProjectDone2024 we can find your pictures and cheer you on virtually.

How can I find pictures of what everyone is doing?

#ssqProjectDone #ProjectDone2023

Please use the hashtags for Project:Done so we can find your pictures on social media. We all love to see what others are working on and you never know how that might encourage or inspire someone.

You are also welcome to join and share your pictures in The Sunflower Garden, our Facebook community group. We would love for you to join us to get lots of encouragement and perhaps ideas and help with completing your projects.

So who keeps me going?

You do! (with cheering in the background from us)

As you make a public announcement that you intend to complete or advance project ‘X’ in a certain round, we hope you’ll feel the sense of accountability and some added drive to finish the projects you share with us, so that they are noticeably advanced throughout your pictures and hopefully done in the last picture.

In short we (your crafty family) will be a source of encouragement and cheer you along as you work on your project/s. It’s well known that when we commit publicly to completing an action that we are more likely to actually complete that action.

Also as you see the project growing and getting closer it becomes a self motivating thing as you are so close to completion, go on, do that last seam, stitch, button, etc…

What do I need to do?

At the beginning of each round we will all share a start post for the project/s we intend to work on. We can post a picture of our project and briefly mention how far we are going to get with them. For example, I will complete the flimsy (quilt top) of a particular quilt, or I will finish the baby blanket I am crocheting, etc and so on. 

These can be posted in your Instagram account or in the thread on our FB page or your own social media pages. Please include the hashtags #ssqProjectDone #ProjectDone2024 on social media so we can see your pictures.

Progress pics

During the following months, we encourage you to share a couple of progress posts of your projects being worked on. You might see reminders from us on our page.  Remember to include the hashtags #ssqProjectDone #ProjectDone2024.

hooray project: done!

At the end of each round we hope you share a picture of the completed or progressed project/s.  Again using the hashtags means we can find the picture easier. #ssqProjectDone #ProjectDone2024. And then we can shower your post with celebratory emojis and a congratulatory “Whoohoo!”

So there is about 4 pictures per project; Start post, progress posts, one or more and a completed project post. 

OK, I’m totally joining in! What do I do now?

Start thinking of which project/s you want to finish and consider their priority for completion.  Would you like to be able to use that quilt as a gift in June, then it should be earlier in the year, need that embroidery for Spring next year, work backwards to give yourself time to peacefully work on it, got a gift for Christmas, probably best to add that to September or earlier.

Consider what you might need to be able to complete the projects, have you got the fabric, thread, tools you need to finish the item?  Gather your supplies. Go on, you’ll thank me later.

Where can you find me online?

Like our Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting FB page, join me in our group The Sunflower Garden ,and follow me on Instagram.  I’ll be sharing in these social media places, as well as here on the blog.

To help you…


Consider your coming schedule each month.  Think about what you have going on outside your craft area and be realistic with what you can achieve. We all feel better if we can say Hooray, Project: Done each month instead of having other areas of life get in the way. We want you to feel encouraged and enthused to get your projects done. Stressed is not what we are aiming for.

So, Will you join me?  Let’s get some Projects Done!

We’re kicking off as soon as the new year starts and you can decide on your projects.


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