Stitch-in events for 2024

Here are the dates for our Stitch-In events for 2024, we hope you will join us as often as you are able.

I have planned the dates to be as close to the first Sunday each month as I possibly can, avoiding school holidays where possible. The dates manage to miss Mother’s Day this year and I have delayed September by a week to avoid Father’s Day.

This is an event I look forward to each month, as I enjoy the company of the craft minded friends who join me. If this sounds like you then please do come along, the events are posted on our Facebook page and I will link them here on the blog each month as well.

What is Stitch-In

We gather to work on our own craft projects whatever they may be at the time. For the afternoon events we are limited to hand work for the majority of them, but each year we have a few long days where we set up machines.

Bring all the requirements you need for your project with you.

sewing days

Twice a year we hold a Stitch-In Sewing Day which is a whole day to set up sewing machines if you wish and make a concentrated effort on a project or projects.

These sewing days are held in June and November and are on a Saturday instead of Sunday afternoon. We choose a Saturday because we want as many people as possible to be able to come and craft for the whole day.

What crafts can I do?

Whatever you are working on is the basic answer. We’ve had so many types of craft happen at the Stitch-In events. The Sewing day is a whole day and it’s so much more attractive to set up a sewing machine if you know you have a number of hours to work on projects before you need to pack it up and head home.

Afternoon events are for handwork and Sewing Days are for machines and really getting into a project.

Next Event

Our first Stitch-In is a Sunday event in February, you can see the event by clicking the picture below and you can purchase a ticket here.

This event is a long day where you can prepare projects for your crafting year. We have held this event in January previously but in light of an outing we are planning it is being scheduled for February.

As usual, come when you can and leave when you need to.

See you at Stitch-In

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