Honey Bee Stitch Along Week 1

Welcome to the first week of our Honey Bee Stitch Along.  #ssqhoneybee  #honeybeesal

This week we are stitching the 2 beehive designs.

Embroidery Stitches used

The stitches we are using in these designs are; back stitch, lazy daisy stitch, running stitch and bullion knot or straight stitch.

The body of the bee can be made using either a bullion knot with about 11 wraps of the needle or by stitch 2 straight stitches next to each other like ‘=’. The wings are 2 lazy daisy stitches one slightly smaller than the other, we’re looking at the bees from the side, the outline of the bee hives and the detail are all back stitch.  I have used running stitch for my flight path leaving and arriving from the hives. You could also use spaced back stitch if you prefer.


I have used only 3 colours in my stitching but it’s really up to you and the fabric you have chosen may influence your colours or you may choose to do all one colour as Barbara has done.


Some helpful videos.

Here I show you how I set out my embroidery panels for easier stitching and fabric conservation.

Here Barbara shows you how to make a bee using the bullion knot.

This is an overview of the 5 weeks

Sorry to overload you with videos but it seemed the easiest way to share the information.

Take your time and enjoy the process. We are looking forward to seeing your version of our pattern.

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You can see our previous post about the stitch along here

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