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floral hearts BOM

Calling those who enjoy an embroidery project to get your needles into.

This is a 6 mth BOM which consists of 10 gorgeous hearts to embroider and then a month of piecing and construction so you have a wonderful project to use on your table in February next year.

This project uses a variety of embroidery stitches, and then applique and piecing in the construction of the final project. Of course you are welcome to use the designs in other ways as your creativity inspires you.


Our Floral Hearts BOM starts on 1st July 2022. Two designs are sent to you each month and there will be supporting videos for the stitches used. All the stitches are easy to achieve, some may require a little more practice than others.

You can preorder now and the requirements list will be sent to you. First designs are sent on 1st July 2022.


Confident beginners and experienced embroiderers. However I would encourage everyone to at least give a project a go and do you best, have a practice piece to develop your stitch skill, then go fot it on the main project.

We will have supporting videos for all the stitches so you are able to see them being done and then practice and embroider your heart designs.

What you need

You will need the Floral Hearts pattern and some threads etc. All the requirements are listed in the pattern and also in the preorder info you are sent when the BOM is purchased.

The pattern is available as a BOM and it will be sent to you 2 designs each month for 5 months, then the finishing instructions in the 6th month.

You can find an embroidery kit on our website if you need some basics.

more pics

I love these blocks, they are so gorgeous, I hope you enjoy making yours. Here’s some some to tempt you.

We start in less than a month so I hope you will join in the embroidery fun, I look forward to seeing your progress.


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