The long-arm machine I use is an A1 Quilting Machine and I love it. At the beginning of 2014 I became a dealer for A1 Quilting Machines in Queensland, NSW and ACT.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact me on 02 6256 6045, 0416 462 615 or by email

00743 A1QM Platinum Broch No Bleed.02

A1’s proud to announce

the BIGGEST news
in the Quilting Scene…

00743 A1QM Platinum Broch No Bleed.02

Standard features on the Professional Favourite Platinum:

  • Throat size: 9” by 23” Quilting space 16” – 17”.
  • LED touch screen Standard with a 7” monitor.
  • Most Accurate stitch regulator on the market today.
  • Four stitch modes: Elite mode, Cruise mode, Baste mode and Manual mode. Accurate stitches from 2 stitches per inch to 22.
  • Ergo grip patented fully ergonomically adjustable handlebars with the only truly multi positional handles.
  • Ergo lift hydraulic height adjustable table.
  • M bobbin (double capacity) plus Stand-alone Bobbin Winder.
  • Laser light.
  • Extended Base and A1 Ruler.
  • Batting Access Lockable Lifting Lever.
  • Stability/comfort upper roller.
  • Tracknology Wheel and Track System – superior smooth wheels with aluminum one piece track for rails and carriage.
  • LED Lights, both extra bright and dimmers plus Black lights built in.
  • Saddle Stool.
  • Professional Set-up.

Optional features: (additional charges will apply)

  • “Your Choice” color Palette – personalize your machine – choose your favorite colour.
  • Versatile table lengths.
  • Swivel Casters.
  • Magic Mat.

Introducing the NEW 31″ throat Horizon A1 Quilting Machine


Click here to download the features & options for this new machine.


“ELITE 923” – only 2 left in Australia!! Get in quick to get a great deal…

‘Sometimes it’s the Little Things that Make a BIG Difference’

 These are Our LITTLE THINGs

·  Stitch Rite Adjustment Panel  & Needle Positioner* 3 Unique Stitching Modes!  Baste, Regulated and Cruise Mode for perfect stitching no matter the job at your finger tips
·  Ergo Lift Hydraulic Table Lift* AN A1QM INNOVATION!  Position the Table Height EXACTLY for Healthy, Comfortable Quilting.  You Can  Even Sit to Quilt!
·  “Tracknology” Wheel System AN A1QM INNOVATION!  Superior Smooth Wheels, No Wobbles Ever. For Those who Demand the Best Wheel System Available.
·  Light Weight Cast Aluminum Head A Quality Machine Head
·  Hi-Tech Machining Process For A Quiet Durable Machine
·  Exclusive Webbing Design in Casting Reduces Machine Vibration
·  Integrated Molded Bearing Mounts Another A1QM INNOVATION
·  Gear Timing – Cast Iron Bushings The Very Best Timing Method/Long Life
·  Hardened Steel Bushings on Needle Bar Not Brass, but Steel!
·  9” X 23” Throat Size To Accommodate any Quilt Size
·  Duel Variable Speed Controls Located Near Both Handles, It’s Right There, Easy to Access
·  9” X 17” of Quilting Space Plenty of Quilting Space even for the Large Panto Designs & Motifs
·  Hopping Foot Glides Over Seams and Provides Stability for Templates
·  Large Capacity ‘M’ Bobbin More Quilting Time, Less Bobbin Winding!
·  4 Premium Ball Bearings on Main Shaft Results in a Super Smooth Machine!!!!
·  Easy to Thread from Either Side You can Thread from Either the Front or the Back with Ease!
·  Dual Laser Controls & Laser Light* Plug laser into Back for Pantos or Up Front to Insert Beautiful Motifs
·  Heavy Duty DC Motor Powerful, Efficient Running Motor!
·  Cast Iron Bushings on Lower Shafts Not Brass but Cast Iron for Longer Life
·  2 3/8 Non Bowing Tubes Strong, Resists bowing
·  Batting Access Lifting Lever Unrestricted, Full Access to all Quilt Layers
·  Auto Batting Feed Stores and Feeds Batting from Under the Table
·  Single Crank Lifting System Raise Both Ends Equally and Simultaneously
·  Fabric Tensioning Gears with Fine Tooth Adjustment Allows for Very Accurate Fabric Tensioning
·  Fabric Advance* Advances & Reverses the Quilt With a Switch!
·  Large Machine Hook To Accommodate the ‘M’ Bobbin so you can Quilt Longer
·  Industrial Belt and Belt Guard Safely Shields you from the Belt
· Straight Power Cord Light weight and reduces any drag
·  Separate Bobbin Winder Dependable!  Place it Where You Like
·  Magic mat *Optional extra A cutting mat that is the full length of your table
·  Quilting Pattern Shield Panto Pattern Slides Under the Shield & Stays In-Place and Clean!
·  2 Pair Adjustable Straps For Proper Edge Tensioning
·  Upgradeable Includes 3 years of Software Upgrades.  Your Machine Is Always NEW! No Need to Buy a New Machine for the Latest and Greatest Features.
·  10 Year Warranty on Castings Long Time, Long Life
·  Only Cast Machine In America We are Made in the USA and Proud of it!
·  3 Way Switching Shut Off from Either Handle
·  NON VIBRATING TABLE Designed like a Bridge, Double Trussed so Pattern Boards are Stable and Vibration is eliminated!
·  Hardened Shafts Never Have to Pry Off the Hook!
·  Ergo Designed Handle Bars Reduced Carpel Tunnel Aggravation
·  Ergo-Grip fully adjustable Handle Bars Patented, fully adjustable handle bars that can be moved to any position close to the needle, one up & one down  – endless combinations. .
·  Oil Wick Lube System Keeps Your Machine Happy and Humming. Conveniently marked in Red
·  Dual Light with Black Light Option ANOTHER A1QM INNOVATION!
·  Torque Wheels on Fabric Rollers Easy Adjustment of Fabric
·  Fused Electrical System Safety First.  Always!
·  Built in Thread Lubricator No More Bulky Boxes
·  Stewart Plank’s Timing & Tension Video/DVD* Take The Mystery Out of Maintenance
·  LIGHT BOX TABLE* AN A1QM INNOVATION! 12’/14’ of Beautiful Lighted Table Top for Tracing Your Patterns, Appliqué and Great Stitch Visibility!
·  A1QM Micro Bar* Micro Stipple With Ease and Control
·  A1QM King Base & A1 Ruler With Handle* Extended Ruler/Template Platform & Our A1QM SID Ruler
·  CIRCLE LORD ä Circle Maker* Our Favorite Circle, 45° Angle, and Design Center
·  S&D Stitches REMOTE* Adjusts the Table Height with a REMOTE
·  Tip-Toe Control Switch* AN A1QM INNOVATION!  Adjusts the Table to that Perfect Height, Even While Sitting!
·  Saddle Stool* We Believe in Comfort, So Sit, Quilt and Enjoy!

 *This option may not be standard on all A1QM packages

We Offer 3 Packages, Carefully Designed to Satisfy Your Quilting Needs


The Basic A1 Elite Quilting Machine. Ready to Upgrade when you are. Add features as your quilting needs expand
THE PROFESSIONAL FAVOURITE with A1 Platinum machine Designed for the Serious Quilter who needs all the necessary tools to start quilting now. If you are starting a business or are a serious hobbyist, the Professional Favorite is our most sought after package
THE PROFESSIONAL DREAM with A1 Platinum machine Simply Stated, your Dream Come True!  The Professional Dream was Designed for the most discriminating quilter.  This is clearly the Package for the quilter who wants it all.  We leave nothing to be desired



“To Make the Best Quilting Machine in the World”

Stewart Plank has used his machine shop and aircraft mechanic skills to design and develop the finest, smoothest operating quilting machine in the world! The NEW Platinum Stitch Regulator is no doubt, the Smoothest and most accurate on the Market today!  A1 Quilting Machines are Made in the USA.

To find out much, much more about these excellent machines visit the A1 Quilting Machines forums and website here