6 hours – 4 minutes

A quilty adventure; 6 hours – 4 minutes

I’m always keen for a quilty adventure, so when Angie of Gnomeangel invited me to accompany her on a road trip I was pretty interested.

After Angie applied to be part of The People’s Press Junket for the second season of Hamish and Andy‘s  TV show True Stories,  I was keen to be her companion for the day, I thought this could be very cool and a bit of a lark.

Angie has already shared about the interview and lead up, so I thought I’d give a bit of an alternate version of our day.

it was FUN!

We left early, ugh, and chatted as we drove, coffee was required and we brainstormed questions.  We had a list of 5 questions but only asked 2 in the interview.

Between us we created some gifts for the boys and I was able to personalise them with some quilting.


I also got some pictures of Angie getting pictures of the cushions.  Gotta love the commitment to a good picture.  We made sure to arrive early so we also had time for a cuppa before meeting the boys.

We waited in the ‘green room’ aka the hallway before the interview time, had a chat with some of the other people’s press junket applicants and tried not to be too excited about meeting Hamish and Andy.  Then we snapped a quick picture on the way back to the car, can’t get much more iconic Sydney than the bridge as a backdrop.

It was pretty cool to be be included in this interview but Angie was the star and she was pretty cool and collected, we did need to correct a bit of misconception of what a quilt is though. I hope you enjoy the interview, it was a fast 4 minutes.

I think we were on a high during the drive out of the city.  A huge day and so worth the drive, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for the quilty adventure Angie.


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