Stitch-in Sewing day

Stitch-In Sewing Day November 2023

OK let me tell you about the sewing day we’ve had this past weekend. It was fantastic and much progress was made by most of the ladies who attended. I even managed to complete a couple of project and then chatted about some big things coming net year…

What is Stitch-In

Each month we hold a Stitch-In event which is usually a Sunday afternoon, and we gather to work on our craft projects whatever they may be at the time. For the afternoon events, these are limited to hand work.

So a sewing day?

Twice a year we hold a Stitch-In Sewing Day which is a whole day to set up sewing machines if you wish and make a concentrated effort on a project or projects.

These sewing days are held in June and November and are on a Saturday instead of Sunday afternoon. We choose a Saturday because we want as many people as possible to be able to come and craft for the whole day.

What crafts can I do?

Whatever you are working on is the basic answer. We’ve had so many types of craft happen at the Stitch-In events but the Sewing day is a whole day and it’s so much more attractive to set up a sewing machine if you know you have a number of hours to work on projects before you need to pack it up and head home. Hence we have many sewing type projects make an appearance on the Sewing Days.

Let’s talk about the November Stitch-In Sewing Day

  • Ellen making 2 tablerunners for this Christmas
  • Dani sewing a quilt top
  • Kelly absorbing the atmosphere and being cheeky
  • Clare constructing quilt blocks and she went on to have most of the quilt top made by the end of the day
  • Helen with hand pieced hexagons
  • I had some binding to complete for a client
  • Tara made a Christmas dress
  • Dani with a quilt top progress pic
  • Tara also made some wrap around trousers for Christmas
  • These pics are a hemmed piece of fabric I bought for a tablecloth for our Christmas festivities this year. It’s ready to be used now.


During the day we had a number of visitors through the room, however most of them were looking for other classes and events happening at the location.

One lady was sent over to chat to us by her husband who thought she might be interested, so I showed her our FB page before remembering I had some business cards stashed in my bag. This was useful for the other visitor who saw the machines through a side window and came to ask about the group. She has a cousin who is moving to Canberra soon. As usual I have no issue talking to people about crafts.

Next Event

Our next Stitch-In is a usual Sunday afternoon event in December, you can see the event by clicking the picture below and you can purchase a ticket here.

See you in December if you are in Canberra or visiting. Keep a watch on the blog and socials for the 2024 dates plus all the news and new events we talked about during the Sewing Day.

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