Here’s a simple way to personalise the Easy Book Cover.  You can add a name or a stitchery design, fussy cut your favourite fabric to make the Easy Book Cover easy identifiable as yours or for a terrific gift.

Do your stitchery, trim to size and decide where the placement is to be, in the centre, to the left side or the top corner, your decision.

The instructions are the same as for the ‘Easy Book Cover’ once you have pieced the main piece.

I have used the ‘Introductory Gum Leaf’ stitchery and reduced the original pattern by 70%, stitched on a piece of cream silk, (Raylee’s wedding dress fabric) with DMC 816.

Two strands and stem stitch for the leaf and a single strand in backstitch for the ‘twigs’, the blossom was a single strand with French knot (2 twists) randomly placed.

I decided to put my stitchery in the centre.

The penholder I cut a bit different in that both sides will be enclosed into a seam, so I cut a long thin piece the same width as the side front piece , ironed on a piece of interfacing (slightly narrower than the fabric to reduce bulk in the seam), for stability and folded in half. Y is the fold.

A to B is the measurement of the book plus 2cm.

The X, Y and Z shows the placement of the pieces.

When you have pieced this far, measure and cut required size to complete the main piece as per your original measurements.

labelled pieces

Your main piece should look something like this depending on where you put your stitchery.

front cover with stitchery

C to D is the measurement of your book closed plus 2cm

Now the main piece has been completed follow the remaining instructions for Easy Book Cover’.   

finished front cover

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  1. Hi, your easy book cover link is not working. Can you email me the pattern please.

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