Teaching – joining a group of other people and imparting knowledge.

Teaching is scary and fun all at the same time.  But the fun of helping others enjoy their hobby is totally worth it.

For a long time I was interested to do some teaching, Then the opportunity arose to do just that at Hobbysew Belconnen.  I have had lots of fun sharing with a growing variety of classes, I hope you will join me one day.

For the classes there is a minimum and a maximum, this is so we have a good number in the class but not overfull which makes it harder for me to personally help everyone.

If you have any questions about any of the classes, please contact me or Hobbysew Belconnen for class details and requirements.

We have already had the Urban Pods class in January and this was a great day. I look forward to seeing pictures as my students tag me online.  @sunflowerquilting on Instagram, or Sunflower Stitcheries & Quilting on Facebook.  #ssqclasses #ssqteaching

A little bit about my classes

15th Feb – we will be making 3 different items in this class; a fabric basket, a zippered pouch, and we’ll be making a fast and useful bag to use in gift wrapping.

10th Mar – if you have any of the patterns from Sew Kind of Wonderful, and would like to some help to get going or are a bit stuck then this is the class for you. We’ll be using the Quick Curve Ruler and whichever pattern you have or wish to buy. Bring your ruler to class.

16th March – I’m looking forward to this class.  This is really a class where you can ask questions about your quilt/s that you bring in to class and I will share some ideas about how you could quilt it. There will be lots of drawing and sharing of ideas.  Even if you don’t have a quilt to bring you will see elements that you can use in your own quilts. Bring a photo if the quilt is hard to bring in.

20th April – Free motion Quilting Basics – keen to learn basic free motion quilting skills?  We’ll go through the basics of designs and how to build on them and use them in your quilts.

Teaching enquiries welcome.

If you are interested to have me come and teach with you please send an email via the contact page on this website.

Please comment, I love to hear from you

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