Thread Subscription Box FAQ

Let’s answer some questions you might have about the Thread Subscription Box. We’ve thought of the basics but if you have another questions just add it in the comments and we will add an answer.

What kind of thread is it?

This first subscription box will contain Rasant Thread. I love using Rasant, it’s strong, has great colours, works in all my machines. I use it in my domestic machine as well as my longarm machines. If a thread is strong enough to use in the longarm, then I am a fan.

what colours are in the box?

We’ve chosen a range of colours that are fun and useful. We’ve thought about the year and what kinds of projects you might be sewing throughout the year. From that we have chosen colours that will arrive so you have time to make those projects ahead of the season or event.

Founding members will get advance notice of the colours and can request extra of a colour if desired.

How much thread do I get?

Each month we have chosen 2 threads to send to you. One will be a classic neutral that is great for piecing and sewing, the other will be a colour that we hope you will find useful in upcoming projects. You’ll recieve 6 mailings in a year.

The threads come in cops. A cop is another word for a reel of thread. Each cop has 1000m of thread, so these are fantastic for larger projects.

Can I cancel mid way through the year?

Of course, we’d be sad to see you go but yes you can cancel your subscription. Your refund would be pro rata for the timing of cancellation. If you opted for bi-monthly payments, then they would be cancelled for the next mailing.

If you joined as a founding member then I am sorry you would lose your founding member status for future subscription boxes.

How long does it go for?

We are planning a year long subscription for this first box. We are working behind the scenes to allow new subscribers to join whenever they like throughout the year.

Ideally we will continue the subscription into the future and so if you love thread like we do then you can continue indefinitely.

Will you post outside Australia?

I would love to and as soon as international postage costs are reasonable, we will be looking into this option.

In other words, this is not part of the plan in the short term but we are always on the lookout for ways to make this a viable option.

What if I don’t like the colours?

I really hope this won’t be the case as we have chosen colours that are reflected in current trends as well as commonly useful colours.

If you really don’t like a colour, you can always use it for sewing where you don’t see the colour, piecing, garment making, trade with a sewing friend, give as a gift to a sewing friend…

Can I order more thread to come with my box?

Yes of course. The box we have for our threads will fit one more cop (reel) but if you choose to add more at anytime you can, just let us know ahead of the posting schedule and we will use a larger box for your subscription.

Founding members will be able to add as many extra cops to their order with no extra postage added. Pay for the extra thread only.

When do you start?

Woohoo, we are opening up orders in March for founding members. There are some bonuses for founding members.

After the founding member offer we will still be open for orders until the 10th April 2023.

When does my box arrive?

Our first subscription boxes will be posted on the 17th April 2023. Your box will arrive soon after that dependent on the postage time of Australia Post.

Then your next box will arrive in June, August, October, December, and February. So every 2nd month you will get a box that contains the threads for that month and the following month.

Why not monthly?

Well, basically this came down to my economical brain and I couldn’t justify asking you to spend the postage cost monthly. I figured, you’d rather have that extra to spend on more thread or fabric, or a pattern.

2 parcels are in each box, one for the current month and one for the next month. We know how tempting it can be, but the ball is now in your court to eagerly wait until the next month to open the package and get the design release.

You’ll recieve 6 mailings in a year.

What do I do if my box hasn’t arrived?

I may shed a a few tears if this happens as I really want this to be a fun and useful experience for you.

However, we will work out if Austalia Post is running behind with delivery, so we will try to be patient. We will also check that we have the correct address for you, and have printed it correctly.

Failing that then another box will be sent to you.

Founding Members, what’s that?

Founding members are those who sign up to a full 12mth subscription in the time period that the Founding member offer is open. This is from 17th to the 31st March 2023. Between these dates is the only time the founding member discount is offered.

Why should I be a founding member?

The founding member offer is this;

  • discounted rate on the subscription box for 12 months
  • ongoing discounted rate for future boxes
  • advance notice of all the thread colours for the year
  • free postage on any extra cops added to your subscription box, just pay for the extra thread

what’s this project you mentioned?

We’re designing a small practice design to help the quilters among you. This is only small, so you don’t waste too much of your thread, but it’s a fun way to practice. This will be in a downloadable format. We are encouraging you to keep your practice pieces each month, as we have a longer term idea for them. Of course you can always remake them if you choose.

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What’s my investment?

If you are a founding member, we are offering a discounted subscription of $40.00 per mailing, so that’s $234 for a years worth of goodies (shipping is included), as well as being on the exclusive mailing list for all the new deals and discounts!

Remember there are 6 mailings per year. Postage is only within Australia. Postage is $10.00 per mailing.

Founding member pricing is 15% lower than regular pricing.

will there be other boxes?

We do have other boxes in mind and in the planning stages.

If you have a thread box idea, please let us know. We have ideas as well, but very happy to consider yours. There may be a bonus in that for you as well.

Ideally we want to know this is something people want to recieve, find helpful and fun. Then we can start bringing in the other box ideas.

The founding member ongoing discount is only available during the founding member offer time period though.

spread the word and get a little back

Are you a business or have many sewing friends who would like to purchase a subscription? You can apply to become an affiliate and get a little back from me as a thank you when they puchase through your link. Message or email me for the link to apply.


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