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Gingerbread house

Our church has been holding a gingerbread house evening for the past few years and it’s always a heap of fun.

Whilst it’s been my task to make the gingerbread house pieces, and the icing, or concrete as we call it. I am often not the one decorating the houses.

Yes houses, with 4 boys who all love the gingerbread, I have been making 4 houses each year for a while now. That’s quite a lot of golden syrup, treacle and flour, as well as ginger.

This year I got to make a decorate the house as my partner in construction was too unwell to be in public last night. I enjoyed making my minimalist house. I just decorated with a heap of silver cachous that I found in my cupboard, and the royal icing. It was great to keep things simple and not have snakes eiting windows or draped off the roof etc.

My Equipment

  • The gingerbread house mold I use is from Chef’s Toolbox, this one is almost exactly the same. I love the details that are part of the mold, the log walls, windows and roof shingle detail.
  • The recipe for the gingerbread that came with the mold is really good , but I think they are all very similar. You might need to test a few to get the right one. Copyright means I can’t share that with you. My recipe came with a Royal Icing recipe as well, otherwise it will be easy to find on the internet.
  • Silver Cachous – these are a small silver ball made of sugar and then covered with edible paint. They are so pretty. I had a heap of fun being quite precise and placing the cachous. My icing was a little thick so I could not just sprinkle, but needed to place each one. Tedious, but I like the result on my house.
  • Small knife
  • Small scissors
  • Wet cloth for hands
  • Teatowel
  • Cake board – I covered mine with some orange tissue paper and then glad wrap, but have used foil in the past. That might have been too much silver this year.

Have fun making your own. It’s part of our yearly traditions now.

I now need to go make some more houses for the boys still at home. Check out my tetured tree below!



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