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You might have heard me chat on about community and finding like minded people to be in your tribe, village, circle, whatever you want to call it.

When you find such friends then celebrate them and include them in your life. They are worth more than you might know.

If it’s been a little quiet lately that’s because I was getting as much client work done as possible before I had some surgery in late July. Then surgery and now it’s a fair amount of sitting and resting and not doing very much at all.

What’s the surgery?

Is that your unasked question? Well we have four strapping boys and we had closed the window on any further kids. With an ongoing iron deficiency it was time for further action, so a date was booked. A hysterectomy was the best solution for me.

Sunscription cancelled

Stitch In Events

Many of you may know about the afternoon events we host here each month. It’s a lovely way to spend the afternoon with a community of craft minded friends. We all have a connection through our crafts.

These events have been going for about 7yrs now and I have enjoyed seeing the projects progress each month and be completed, new ones started and skills develop.

table setting

Last Period Party

Once the surgery date was set the July Stitch-In event was taken over by some friends who regularly attend and they totally got into the theme. My Last Period Party!

Their craft and baking skills were employed and I was thoroughly impressed with the treats available and my table was awesome.

We had strawberries and cream lollies, rasperries and red frog lollies, pink macarons, scones with jam and cream, homemade iced vovo biscuits, cheese and crackers, rice crispy treats with tails, there was even raspberry tea which of course is red. Red Lindt balls though I could not eat those, and the amazing red velvet cake with the rose icing!

We used my red and white tea set, glass or white serving dishes and the table cover is our Mug Supper Cloth quilt pattern, which is made in red and a light cream fabric.

Let’s see some pictures

What’s Next?

Now that surgery has happened and I am on the mend, taking things very easy for the next few weeks is all I am allowed to do. No lifting, no strenuous exercise, no driving, no heaving around of large quantities of fabric, no lifting…

I am planning some behinds the scenes catch up in areas of business and planning ahead in others, sounds fund yeah! Might be but some will be a little tedious but the fun will come later.

Easing back into quilting will happen in September, earlier if I feel up to it and can have a lad assist me with anything heavy.


Surgery helps with one area of my health and I have also started some other changes to help with the remainder of the issues. Basically I need to increase my iron levels in every area and help my body do things better.

Let me encourage you to do what is needed to look after yourself. If you think there is a bigger issue at play, get it checked out, get a second opinion, seek an alternative or complementary health professional advice. I am now doing this but a few years ago would have been more ideal. Better late than never right?

Onward and Upward

I am looking forward to completing a few computer based projects whilst I am recovering and then getting back into the studio and quilting a heap, plus some more sewing and I have lots of plans for the future and this little business and the plan is that I will now have the energy to devote to those plans and also to enjoy my family.

Thank you to all my clients for your patience with me, I know there have been effects due to low energy and memory fails.

Thanks to my friends who are family for a wonderful celebration of this change.

Thank you to all the friends and family who have helped us during my recovery and brought meals, hung out with me, kept me sane whilst recovering, cleaned my house, took me out for a cuppa, I appreciate it all.

Thanks to my family, the boys for stepping up and looking after Mum, hubby for loving me and making sure I don’t do anything extra. Love you.

rose cake

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