The Finish Along is starting really soon, like in a day.

I’ve been planning what projects I will be working on, and when they will fit into my year.

I wanted to chat a bit about goals and getting projects done for the Finish Along.

We all have many things on in our weeks and various commitments that are not craft related. There is no set amount to be achieved during the Finish Along. What we choose to declare is up to us and what we can fit into our lives.


There’s a saying that our goals should be smart.  A clever anagram to help think about making good choices with regard to our goals.

So as you decide about what projects you are going to declare for the Finish Along I want to encourage you to consider your commitments and activities, your weekly schedule, how much you have to do on each project and what you can comfortably achieve.

My goal is that you have fun whilst you achieve some progress of your projects, that you achieve your goals, bit by bit and in time you have more projects finished that you can enjoy.

Are you ready to set some SMART goals?


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