Stitch Out #1

What a way to spend a day. We shopped, we ate, we talked.

We also saw future projects and what was available in the various locations and learned where to find them in future.

What did we do? We held our inaugural Stitch-Out.

What is this you ask. Well each month we hold a Stitch-In which is a lovely afternoon spent crafting and talking and consuming treats and hot beverages. It’s a place to leave home and gather with like minded friends and potential friends, with the goal of community and working on your current project and making progress on it.


Yep, so if the afternoon in is called a Stitch-In then an outing must be called a Stitch-Out right?!

We all climbing into the van and headed to 3 shops with a view to adding to our stash if required, fondling fabric, talking to the owners of the shops, learning what they stock, both fabric styles and notions.

We did all those things, and had lunch and morning tea as well. A full day.

Where did we go?

A quick rejig of the order of shops we were visiting after realising I had confused the opening hours of one shop had us heading straight out of Canberra on the road to Braidwood.

We stopped for morning tea at the well known Braidwood bakery, then wandered up the road to The Braidwood Quilt Store, and chatted with Bronwyn and Kim. They have recently included some wool in their stock along with the gorgeous collection of patchwork fabric. I picked up a linen Christmas panel and coordinating fabric that I had seen on their FB page. Pics below.

Then it was back through Bungendore, stopped for lunch here at the Woodworks cafe/restaurant.

Next stop was The Sewing Shoppe in Fyshwick. Sharon and Sonia are lovely, and we wandered the shop and familiarised ourselves with what they have and the classes they hold. If you are a bag maker this is a good place to visit for hardware and other construction supplies, plus much fabric to choose from including some dressmaking fabric.

Last stop was one a little closer to home for many of us but not everyone had been treated to the delight that is Makerie in Gungahlin. The shop is a feast for the eyes with the many fabric ranges and threads. Plus the wool and wool craft equipment available in the studio area are extremely enticing. Jacqui and her staff are very knowledgeable and able to help with many craft queries.

When and where is the next one?

Later this year we will head out again but we will visit some different shops and share the fun of exploring with you again. If you are keen to come along, keep an eye out for the event when it is listed. It will be on the classes page of the website and will be shared in our newsletter, you can sign up to the newsletter on the front page of the website here.

We hope you might be keen to join us for our next Stitch-Out!

What did I buy?

I had my eye on a gorgeous Christmas tree panel and got some coordinating fabric to bind it with. It is a linen but the print was in cotton as well. The colours are just so pretty. Oh and a length of Red tractor Designs fabric for a table cloth for my Christmas table. I like Christmas stuff can you tell.


Our next Stitch-In is on the 16th July at 1pm. You can get your ticket here and let me know you’re coming to the event on FB here. Our Stitch-In events are located in Canberra Australia.

We encourage you to visit the shops we did in order to enhance your stash and further your net project. Tell them we encouraged you!

Happy Quilting!

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