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2022 Monthly Color challenge – june

What is this year long plan?

The Monthly Color Challenge is in it’s fifth year, and I am excited to join in again for 2022. This year we’re getting our colour inspiration from Spices.

Each month there is a change in colour and a new block. You can see all the colours to come this year at this post on Jen’s blog. Jen also shares all the info on what you need and you can choose to sign up to receive the block sent straight to your inbox.

My june Block

I have planned a consistent background of the white for this year’s quilt and will be adding the feature colour color. There are a plethora of scraps in my studio so I have vowed to sew from them if I possibly can.

This month is Mustard Seed Yellow. Hmm, mustard is just not a colour that I can get along with, I don’t have any clothes in this on trend colour, I am not fond of it on me, looks good on others but not me so I went with orange. Orange is always a bit light on in my studio, not a common colour I use, but I had enough of this one to make the block. Wow, that was not a positive as i had hoped, but you get the message that this is your quilt and you can use a little poetic licence if you want to. I used what I had and a colour I liked more, and my quilt will be great in the end.

In my head I see a quilt with many of these blocks and some gorgeous quilting to show off the larger areas of colour. Now to have the time to make all the quilts in my head.

So, if you are keen to sew along with us this year, there’s a layout design for you at the end of the year, head over to Jen’s blog and join in. The blocks are free for the release month, and you can have them sent to your inbox.

Need some cheering on?

Join in the fun of a block a month and a quilt at the end of the year. Join me for a Finish Along and get your quilt completed.

If you are not sure of the process of making your quilt, I invite you to join our Finishing School for a series of tutorials, taking blocks to a completed quilt.

Want to hear all our latest? Sign up to our Snippets News .

Quilt Colour fun…

Whilst mustard is not a colour I use much of, yellow is definitely up there, hey sunflowers are yellow right?!

So our pattern this month that is in line with the feature colour is the ‘You are my Sunshine’ quilt pattern. I love this design, with the drunkards path blocks and the embroidery, and I had such fun with the quilting.

You are my sunshine quilt pattern

june Blogs for the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge

Visit the May Colour Challenge bloggers for inspiration and see the other quilts they have made using this month’s colour.

Jen – Patterns by Jen

Karen – Karen Bolan Designs

Andi – True Blue Quilts

Happy Sewing, and if you want to make the blocks head to Jen’s bog for the link to purchase the earlier months.


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