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Dressing Gown completed!

With my new dressing gown completed I am going to be toasty warm this winter and I’ll share with you why.

finish along irony

SSQ runs a Finish Along, with 4 rounds each year. Now about 3 years ago I decided I needed a new dressing gown. After I got to the cut out stage things faltered and the project went to the naughty corner. Despite this project being put onto the Declaration list a number of times I just did not get it done. Yes, I totally get the irony of this situation.

To be fair I needed to think through the way I was going to construct the dressing gown as the plan was more than a simple gown, it had a bonus.

Pattern, Fabric and tools

The pattern I have used is New Look pattern 6816 that I have had for a number of years, and it has pjamas or lounge wear in it as well. Those I have not made but I have made the dressing gown before. I did add length to it the first time, which I did not do this time. Hmm, not sure why as I cut it out 3 years ago.

The dressing gown is made in a slightly thicker fleece called Artic Fleece, and the lighter weight one is made in Flanalette, with a funky fox pattern. The belts are made in the same fabric for each one. Yes they both have pockets

Kam snaps are small plastic clips that can be used for many things. They are quite reliable but have their limitation. Use according to the package. I had some bright orange ones and they match the summer weight gown quite well, a little contrasting on the winter weight one, but I do not mind.


My inspiration for this project was my motorcycle jacket which has 3 layers that zip into each other.

The outer layer is the tough protect your body type, then there is a waterproof layer that is optional, then the quilted ‘warm’ layer for extra warmth. This has quotation marks because if you have ever been on a motorcycle then you know that it’s not the warmest activity to engage in.

How I made it work – my solution

I did not want the bulk of a zip in a garment meant for cozy wearing but I did want warmth, I really feel the cold. So I planned for a second layer which would make the item extra cozy. The challenge was how to make it go together with a collar that turned back and showed the underside.

Basically I have constructed 2 seperate dressing gowns, one summer weight, one winter weight, and together they are Raylee version winter weight. Ooh, so warm and cuddly.

I used Kam snaps located at the collar and point of the shoulder on the shoulder seam. These are not areas that those small plastic parts are going to be uncomfortable when wearing the gowns individually, or together.

It’s possible I may add more Kam snaps after wearing the gown a few times, we will see how it wears. I won’t be running races in it or doing cartwheels. These can easily be added in future.

The collar issue

I could not make the collar just one layer easily without having the wrong side of the flannelette fabric showing so essentially I have 2 dressing gowns, which means the collar is 4 layers of fabric when both are together, however, if it is that cold then I will be thankful for the warmth around my neck.

Done and off the list

This items is now done and off my Finish Along list and I am very thankful, as are my friends who have been hearing about the project for a while now.

It does mean that there is room on the list for another project, woohoo!

Find out more about the Finish Along here. Join in the fun and complete some of your long term projects.

Video Proof

I made a video showing you all about my dressing gown and how it works. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Onto the next project which funnily enough is a quilt!

Happy Sewing of whatever you need to get done.


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