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Sew much Fun Tour (block 1)

Our first of four designs for the Sew Much Fun Tour is released today. This block tour has been going for a while now and there are some fabulous blocks to make. You can visit the website to see all the blocks that have come previously and keep checking in each week to get the next one.

We have designed 4 blocks for you and they are released this weekend, December 19th, and then February and March 2022.

Our 1st block – Old Sewing Machine

You can get our first design Old Sewing Machine here.

New pattern coming

We have 3 more designs to bring you and a fun pattern for them all to inspire you that incorporates all 4 designs. That’ll be out in February 2022. That way if you don’t include them in your Sew Much Fun Tour project you can use the blocks in our cute design. It might be just right for your sewing room.

Sew Much Fun Tour

Check in each week at the Sew Much Fun Tour link above and grab the next block, there are a huge variety of blocks.

The previous 3 blocks are from;
The next 3 blocks are from;

Sign up for our Snippets to know when our next block is released along with any other patterns or tutorials.

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