April – 2020 Monthly Color Challenge


What is this year long plan?

The 2021 Monthly Color Challenge is in it’s fourth year, and I am excited to join in. This year we’re getting our inspiration from Fruits and Veggies.

Each month there is a change in colour and a new block. You can see all the colours to come this year at this post on Jen’s blog. Jen also shares all the info on what you need and you can choose to sign up to receive the block sent straight to your inbox.

My block for April


Here’s my block for April, the colour for this month is Red for Cherries. We have a fabulous cherry tree, actually 2 in our garden and our lads enjoy grabbing a few each day when they are fruiting. The trees we have are a red cherry and a white cherry. I am going to vote for the white cherry as my favourite but I do love a good crop on either tree.

I have planned a consistent background of the dark charcoal grey and will be adding the feature colour color. There are a plethora of scraps in my studio so I have vowed to sew from them if I possibly can. Red is a bit of a favourite colour so I had no trouble finding enough scraps.

I do like that extra little interest at the centre of this block.

So, if you are keen to sew along with us this year, there’s a layout design for you at the end of the year, head over to Jen’s blog and join in. The blocks are free for the release month, and you can have them sent to your inbox.

Oh and each block comes with a How To video right in the instructions. That’s pretty handy.

My Tip to you.

If you have a quarter inch foot this will be very useful for sewing all the strips evenly. If you don’t, use your cutting ruler to measure a correct distance and use a short piece of electrical tape to mark the correct line on the bed of your sewing machine. You could also use washi tape, but the electrical tape being a little thicker will give you a slight raised edge.

If you have not checked your scant quarter inch seam allowance recently, I encourage you to go do that first. Yes we should check this on occasion to make sure we are still sewing accurately.

Recipe fun…

Cherries, where can we start… I do struggle to have enough to cook anything with as the lads here consume them very quickly.

I have used fresh pitted cherries on Pavlova, I have added them to a jar and covered them with sherry (it’s what I had) but you could flavour brandy or another liquor. To be honest, we mostly just eat them fresh.

A really traditional recipe would the the Black Forest Torte or a cherry pie. A quick search and this one caught my eye, I do like meringue as well. Cherry Meringue Tartlets

Happy Sewing

Want to join in? It’s not too late.

April Blogs

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