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Block #66 Mrs Anderson – Farmer’s Wife Quilt-Along

Woohoo!, welcome to the first post I am doing on my new website.  It’s been a journey and half to get this new site operational.  Many tears and yelling at the computer has happened.  Lots of coffee and late nights.  Please have a look around and let me know what you think, and if you find anything that isn’t working correctly.

The Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along started on 28th October 2015.  We’ve generally had a couple of block released each week. How have you gone with the schedule?  I know I still have a few to catch up on, perhaps in the next break I’ll get caught up.

This week I am making Block #66 – Mrs Anderson.  There is a block correction for this block – did you get it?  Find it here.

The link to the From Marti Michell template conversion chart can be located here.

I’ve been making 2 of each block, one in the paper foundation piecing method and the other using Marti Michell’s templates.  I was surprised with the templates in my first block.  They are a bit time consuming to cut out initially but I have gotten faster, but the block goes together really quickly after that. Before you know it you’re ready for the next one.

So to make Mrs Anderson you will need;

sewing supplies including sewing machine and your 2 chosen fabric designs, your printed page from the correction page, FMM templates sets S and N if using and appropriate Conversion Chart, cutting board and rotary cutter.

So let’s get on with Mrs Anderson shall we.

Block #66 Mrs Anderson – Using From Marti Michell Templates.

#66 template pieces

I usually lay out the pieces so I can double check I have cut the correct number for each. A very rough layout – but it works.

Now I read all the Conversion chart instructions really well and then I reread them, and I still struggled until I worked out the the instructions in the template booklet say to rotate the template but really they wanted you to flip it over.  Watch the hand, it’s the giveaway.#66 T template flip So the cutting of the small triangle from the template looks like this.#66 T template S100a#66 T template S100a flipped

Once I had all the pieces cut out, I’m ready to sew.

#66 T 3 parts to block

I do love the speed of chain piecing and so I pieced all the smaller sections together first so that the block going together is really fast.  make sure your small triangle is sewn onto the middle strip on a short side.  One triangle each side of the middle strip, making sure you keep the straight edges at the same end of the middle strip.  This strip gets trimmed to a point later on.  So go right ahead and piece all those smaller sections – it’ll finish up quick after that.#66 T 3 parts back

I admit I press my seams to one side, I love how the seams nest together.  Sometimes it does require a bit of thought ahead in the block if you always press to the dark side.  A good hot iron to press with is very useful.  Above is the back of the smaller sections ready to join to make the corner block pieces.

#66 T corner block 1

So when you have 4 of these, we are almost ready to complete the block.

Oh No! My block is not right.  What on earth have I done?

#66 T corner blocks 2 too big

You know what I’m still not sure so I carefully trimmed my corner sections back to the correct size.  I don’t think it even is noticeable in the final block.  I used the centre square (on point) to line up my ruler and trim each side of this imaginary line to keep my small blocks square.  As you can see below it worked perfectly.#66 T trimmed to fitAnd the measurements back me up.  Yay – 6 1/2″  !!!#66 T trimmed and now right sizeSo once the 2 side sections are joined and the thinner centre strip, we’re just 2 seams away from a finish.  This is where my seams nest so nicely and here is my finished Mrs Anderson using the FMM templates. I thought the cream triangles might be too small due to my trimming, but they are just right.#66 T Mrs Anderson

If you are doing the FPP method then the next page is for you.#66 Mrs Anderson – Foundation paper piecing method.#66 paper piecingSo I do like the templates but I also wanted to do a block in FPP.  This was a lot faster than some blocks,  as the smaller sections are easy and the seams can be sewn straight across the whole paper section.  Again I sewed all the smaller sections first.  This is where you’ll need the new page from the corrections file. The sizing has been corrected. I made sure to use the newer foundation papers.#66 P all pieces sewn

Ready to sew after I remove the papers.  So you can see in my picture above, I have already trimmed the sections to the paper templates.  Now is when I remove the papers, it’s easier to ‘help’ a block fit if it has a small amount of fabric movement.

The piecing is in the same order as the template version – the triangles to the middle strip, complete the corner squares (then  make sure they are the correct size). Then piece the rest of the block together – the two side sections with a small strip in between, the centre strip and then the final 2 seams to finish the block. Now press really well.

#66 P half with wrong strip

#66 P Mrs AndersonI did also double check that my corner squares we the right size.  Mrs Anderson finished, can anyone see my mistake?  I am supposed to keep to the colour placement in the book. And I have until now.  In my second block I have swapped the cream and red but I failed to cut the centre strips in cream, they are red on both – scroll up an check if you like.  Oops!  However, do you want to know a secret, I actually like the second block better and in the finished quilt, no one will know but you and me.

If you haven’t checked your quarter inch seam allowance recently I would recommend doing so.  Some of the more involved block will benefit from knowing your seam allowance is correct.

Some Useful information

The link to the Farmers’ Wife page on www.gnomeangel.com

FAQ’s about the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along

All the block tutorials that have been released.

The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt: Inspiring Letters from Farm Women of the Great Depression and 99 Quilt Blocks That Honor Them by Laurie Aaron Hird for Fons & Porter/F+W; RRP $28.99 – Click here to purchase.


And the back of my blocks#66 backsHave fun with Mrs Anderson everyone.

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