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It only takes one

Project Quilting?

Project Quilting is a series of challenges hosted by Persimon Dreams that requires a project to be made with your interpretation of the challenge rule. Read all about Project Quilting on Kim’s blog. This is the 14th year of this and I heard about it and decided to join in and challenge myself, especially with the quilting design side of things.

What was the rule?

RULE ONE: Your project this week must somehow use the theme of “one.”

How it works

You have one week (until noon the next Sunday) to meet the challenge.

  • Every challenge piece must be a FINISHED project seen through from INCEPTION to COMPLETION during the challenge timeline.
  • Each piece must stand alone as DONE to count toward prizes.
  • Your project does not need to be a traditional quilt, but must meet at least one of these requirements: include patchwork, include appliqué, have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine.

It only takes one (project quilting 14.1)

My design thoughts with this project was that I was short on time so it needed to be reasonably quick. I want to try to maximise the quilting in my projects as that is really my forte.

I have simply layered backing wadding and background, pinned in place then stitched a stabilizing rectangle before quilting in the design. This was quilted on my domestic machine rather than the longarm.

Did I stick to the rule?

The concept of one; one colour family used, one flower, one caterpillar, one leaf, one bobbin used to complete the project, it’s only takes one caterpillar to ruin a plant! Oh and this was quilted in one continuous thread path.

Project Details:

  • cotton fabric and scrap of wadding
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • solid blue fabric for top
  • rasant thread #2859 blue
  • Title – ‘It only takes one’

Want the design?

You can download this design from our shop. A really great way to practice your quilting. Consider a quilt made of a variety of colours of this design…

  • quilt them all in a colour to tone with the background
  • quilt them all in black thread on various coloured blocks
  • quilt them all in white
  • quilt them in contrasting thread to the background but many colours
  • the background can be a variety of colour as well as the thread, like a scrappy colour quilted quilt
  • join them in a QAYG method
  • applique the flower for added colour raw edge applique style
  • embroider the design in your favourite stitches, use some of the colour combos listed above
  • Many possibilites…
Get the pattern? click the title below

It only takes one mini quilt pattern

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