kinship Fusion Sampler Blocks 11-20

We have started and I am excited to be working on my blocks for the #100days100blocks2022 event. I’m sharing my Kinship blocks 11-20 with you today.

This event is run by Angie of Gnomeangel fame and a lovely friend of mine. You can find all the details of the event and the pattern on her website

Use the code: SSQKinship for a small discount

Here are my next 10 blocks and a short video I recorded about them. I am enjoying using a range of fabric, I tried to find the name of this fabric, but it has no identifying labelling on any of the selvedges.

I may need to rethink the last number of blocks, I am not sure i have enough of this to make all 100. Then it will be a way to be creative with the quilt top to make them work. There may be 2 projects this year

It’s fabulous to see online the variety of blocks being made and imagining the quilts as they come together.

For some ideas on quilting your Kinship quilt, head to our YouTube Channel to see the series of videos all about Quilting Kinship.

Happy sewing, enjoy your creative time.


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