2023 monthly color challenge – February

Welcome to the 2023 Monthly Color Challenge, February Block, hosted by Patterns with Jen.

What is the challenge

The 2023 Monthly Color Challenge is the 6th year of running. This year the inspiration is Classic Cars.

Each month there is a new colour and a new block. You can see all the colours to come this year at this post on Jen’s blog. The challenge is to make the block in the colour for that month, then at the end you have enough to make a quilt, there is a quilt layout coming or you can do your own.

Jen also shares all the info on what you need and you can choose to sign up to receive the block sent straight to your inbox. The blocks are free for the month then they will have a cost.

february Block

A little matchy matchy piecing was required for this one, thankful I had enough stripes to be able to match and make it the correct shape to cut out. If you look close you can make out my piecing, it’s not quite perfect. Not enough to have the stripes in the centre as well though. I quite like the psychedelic effect on this block.

teal patchwork block

Fabric choices + backgrounds

I have had a goal to clear a heap of fabric from my studio and also to use what I have rather than buy more. In doing this I have had to be creative and sometimes piece the scraps together in order to cut some pieces in the last couple of years.

I am happy to say I have reduced the scraps a fair bit with these quilts in the last few years.

2023 is no different and I have found scraps large enough for the colours required, well I hope they are large enough. We will see. Keep an eye out, I’ll tell you if I had to get creative with the piecing!

This year I am choosing 2 background fabrics and alternating them. I have chosen a very light grey and a very dark grey. You can see the bolts under the pile of folded pieces that I hope are large enough.

These 2 greys will also be used in the setting arrangement for this quilt. All will be revealed at the end of the year.

fabric collection
fabric selection


After I decided on these backgrounds, I started thinking on getting some photos of the blocks, and…

we have 2 cars, one white and one dark grey! so… they will be my backdrop for the blocks, thankful for a couple of magnets and a clear day. You’ll get the car in the background even if it’s dirty, though I will wipe down where I put the block for the photo! (see the picture above)

my previous blocks

January block labelled

Need some cheering on?

Join in the fun of a block a month and a quilt at the end of the year. Join me for a Finish Along and get your quilt completed.

If you are not sure of the process of making your quilt, I invite you to join our Finishing School for a series of tutorials, taking blocks to a completed quilt.

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Want to see my previous quilts?

Happy Sewing, and if you want to make the blocks head to Jen’s bog for the link to purchase the earlier months.


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