Quilting Kinship

If you are keen to quilt your own Kinship Fusion Sampler then I have a fun series of videos for you to watch, and learn some quilting ideas. I have called these Quilting Kinship, see my intro video below.

#100days100blocks event

The gorgeous Kinship Fusion Sampler designed by Angie Wilson and Bec Proschogo has been used for the #100days100blocks event for the past few years and 2022 will also see this quilt being made in all the fantastic varieties that anyone might hope to see. Seriously go check out the #100days100blocks on Instagram and see all the fabulousness.

Buy the pattern

You can get your copy of the pattern for the Kinship Fusion Sampler here


QUilting kinship

On with the quilting ideas I hear you shout, well I made a series of videos showing different ways to quilt the Kinship blocks and you are invited to sign up to recieve the videos each week.

Quilting Kinship tutorials

We cover some easy simple and effective designs that use the block layout, to designs that cover the block and are less reliant on the piecing. There’s a design to suit everyone and I also combine design in some of the blocks so you can see how they work together.

What machine do I need?

I am demonstrating on a domestic machine which is a fun challenge for me as I usually quilt on the longarm. Have a chuckle when I get things a little skewy but also check out the mistakes I make and how to avoid them yourself.

How do i get the tutorials?

Each week I will send you a video showing you a different quilting design and how I quilted it.

SIgn up via this link: Quilting Kinship Video series

I look forward to sharing quilting ideas with you.

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