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AQC Challenge Quilts

A short time ago Mum emailed me the link for the AQC – Lest We Forget Quilt Challenge and let me know the deadline for entries had been extended.  Well I thought, could I fit in a small challenge between client quilts.  Mmmm, yes let’s do this.  So we both made a small 10″ quilt with the theme Lest We Forget -What does ANZAC mean to you?

Commemorating one of Australia’s most defining times and in tribute to all those affected by conflicts over the years. This challenge was also personal as my father served in the Australian Army as did my husband.  Both of them deployed at various times and we are thankful they came home as there were many who did not. My quilt though depicting a time from WW1 is made as a tribute to the ANZAC spirit which our defence force still displays.
I had to think of an idea quickly and then make sure I  could make it happen.  It is only 10″ square so I decided to do a  quilted replica of a well known map of the Dardanelles.
Map IV The Dardanelles
Map IV The Dardanelles

I found the map on the internet and then printed and enlarged the map to be a suitable size. I wanted to also challenge myself to make the quilt entirely using quilting.  I traced the design onto the white fabric and then loaded probably the smallest quilt sandwich onto my quilting frame.  Then the fun began.

Map IV RSWThere were numerous landmarks that I wanted to include so some are in quilting and some I wrote using a fabric pen.  My “z” from Anzac Cove is a little weird also.  However you are  able to know where it is.  The zig zag lines are the mountain indication from the original map.  There are some rivers marked in blue thread as is the ocean.  There is a track marked on the map which I have quilted in grey thread.  Not sure of the historical significance of this track.

Below is Mum’s story of her quilt;

Lest We Forget: What ANZAC Means to You.

The Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) had a quilt challenge, 100 years 100 quilts. Quilters were asked to make a mini quilt, 10 “ x 10” with the theme what ANZAC means to you, (the maker).

So with days to spare Raylee and I decided we would do this!

Being the Centenary of ANZAC we have a larger design coming out closer to Remembrance Day, so my design has a small resemblance to the larger future design.

aplique papers readyI did not have time to do a ‘mini’ of our future design so made the base a black and white log cabin with a bright red poppy, which I did in needle turn applique
, as I wanted it plain no stitches showing (as in blanket stitch), although the centre is filled with black French knots.

The centre is cut 1½“ square.

The three rows of white strips and three rows of black strips are all cut 1½“ wide.

The last row of white is cut 2” wide and the last black row I cut 4” wide so I could use an embroidery hoop for the wording.

You can see in the photo above the white line where I trimmed after stitching.

Lest we forget writingI used the Harrington font and printed out the wording and traced it onto the black border and stitched it in a dark grey.

I decided on a plain backing and two layers of Pellon in the middle. Stitch in the ditch quilting and then a black binding.

I called my little quilt ‘Remember’ and it is dedicated to three lovely men no longer with us.

Gordon Deveney, Gordon was my husband’s second cousin.

Alwyn Charles (Gus) Mauch, Gus was the senior member of our very small RSL branch and as such always led our march on ANZAC Day.

And last but not least Uncle Dawson P Wilson, Uncle Daws was my husband’s uncle and my partner in crime when we played 500 (card game), many a night until the wee hours on a visit home to Warwick.

Three lovely men very much missed.

finished on stumpI love the black poppy centre, lots of french knots.

We both made and entered our quilts by the deadline and got an email to say they would be displayed with the others.  We then needed to get our AQC Challenge Quilts sent to Melbourne pretty quickly so they could be prepared for display.  Thank you to all the volunteers who worked to make this display happen.

We hope you enjoy the display at AQC and any pictures you see on the internet. Our quilts are not made to glorify war but to honour those who have served our country in it’s defence.

If you are visiting the AQC this year you’ll see our quilts hanging with around 100 others all showing what ANZAC means to their makers.  We’d love to see some pictures on social media when you find them.  Please tag Sunflower Quilting and Sunflower Stitcheries on Facebook, or @sunflowerquilting and @sunflowerstitcheries on Instagram.

Have fun if you’re there.  Happy Stitching is you are elsewhere like us.

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  1. Thanks Kay, apologies I did not see your comment earlier. Did you go to the exhibition? I did not get to see them unfortunately. I think we see them a few months time now they are traveling.

  2. I love your ANZAC quilt designs and think they are really special

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