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A wedding Quilt

I am making a wedding quilt! The first for our young men and I am both excited and honoured that my son and his fiance are keen for a quilt made for them.

The pattern

We sat and browsed Pinterest to determine a style that they both liked, made a Pinterest board to add ones they liked, then we could see a bit of a trend. I needed to draw up the pattern as best I could in EQ8, (I’m still learning all the tricks there)so we knew the amounts required for each fabric. Oh and it’s not actually blue, and the block details are not shown here.

The Fabric

Due to location I sent the couple to chat with Angie at Gnomeangel to choose fabric for all the parts of their quilt. Angie is great with colours and helped them choose fabric that will work together and make for a cohesive quilt. Once we knew how much we needed, Angie cut and sent all the lovely fabric to me to start making.

Want to see?

Time frame

Often time frames get lost in the happenings of the year and this one was no exception. I now have a fairly tight time frame to make and quilt this wedding quilt. The wedding? Late October. The fabric arrived today, Sept 1st. Hmm, can you guess what I will be doing most weekends from here on…

The Quilting Plan

The request was for custom quilting, I have been looking at the fabric chosen and the quilt pattern and there are some ideas that are rolling around in my mind. These will develop and change until the ideas crystalise to a solid quilting plan that is cohesive and will enhance the quilt, rather than overtake.

Check back to see how the quilt progresses, it’ll be my main project for the next while.

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