Quilting Schedule

Whew, the year is marching on and seems to be even further ahead than mid March when my quilting schedule is into July already.

I love that I get to quilt for lovely clients and I get see the amazing quilts they make and how my quilting can add to the overall finish. The change from unquilted to quilted is often such a change. I keep thinking I should take before and after pictures, instead of just after.

This year I’ve been trying out a new booking system.

I’m using a scheduling program called Trello. It’s free!

Booking ahead…

It’s a bit early but based on how the year is going let me remind you now that if you have a gift quilt in the planning stage and you want to gift it this year, especially for Christmas, please call your quilter (if that’s not me) and book in your quilt sooner rather than later.  It’s not pleasant to have to say “No I can’t quilt for you.” when I get calls later in the year. Yes I have had a phone call on the 10th Dec asking if I could have it done before Christmas!!

How the schedule works.

I have a number of quilt bookings per month and once they are full the bookings move on to the next month.  I also have quilts booked in later in the year as that’s when the maker is planing to have them ready for quilting.  So your booking doesn’t have to be in the next available time, you can book ahead.

The plan for the quilting is that I will then plan the months quilts in a workable order allowing myself plenty of time to spend on your quilt as well as my other clients. Quite possibly the pantograph or all over patterns will be quilted first and then any custom quilting will be done in the later part of the month.

Future planning.

If you have a date you are working towards please allow plenty of time for quilting and then also for the binding to be completed.  No one likes feeling rushed, and rushing is not conducive to our best work.  I am happy to work to a date if you have a specific date you need the quilt by but I need to also consider my other clients and above those, my family. So please allow a good lead time.

My aim is to keep you all updated about the quilting schedule so you can plan accordingly should you wish to have something quilted.

Have fun sewing. I’m back to the quilting.



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