Re-usable Gift Bags

Here is a pattern for a set of 3 re-usable gift bags to make from a small amount of fabric and some ribbon.  Imagine the Christmas tree with lots of these full underneath.

The size of the gift will determine the size of your bag. I have made a couple of sizes based on a CD and a book or DVD.

The bag can be altered to suit the gift by changing the measurements and the boxed corners can also be altered by how far in you sew across the corner. If you have a really thick book or a DVD set then increase the measurement from the corner to 1 inch and sew. You can always increase this further but you then make the bag thinner.

Increasing the boxed corners is best done incrementally if you are experimenting, you can always cut more but once you have sewn and cut you cannot add it back on again.

If you like this tutorial and want to be able to print it go to the Patterns page to be able to download it, there’s no cost. Here’s the link.

3 finidhed bags


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