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You Are My Sunshine

I know you just say that in your head, it’s hard not too.  This song is a great one and has many memories for so many people.  I’ve found a youtube video for it, which so fittingly has many pictures of sunflowers.  Here’s the video.

Now why am I writing about this song on a blog about stitcheries and stuff?  See I can read minds too.  We have a project for you inspired by this song and I just wanted to let you know it was coming and the planned release date is in May.  May is 31 days long you think, well, we’ll be aiming for the earlier the better.  Perhaps by then our US friends will be having their own sunshine instead of snow and cold.   Here in Australia, we’ll be gearing up for winter so a bright cheerful project over the colder months will be a good thing.

Sunshine corner sun RS

Anyway I hope you like the song and I have a little challenge for you.  In the video there is a typo error and it occurs 3 times.  The first person to let me know in the comments wins a copy of the pattern for our ‘You Are My Sunshine’ inspired project.

Happy Sewing

Raylee and Barbara

(the Sunflower Stitcheries team)

Here’s a personal sample I prepared earlier.  Grown in my garden, then the birds enjoyed the seeds.

Download April 2012 080 RS


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